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If you like enjoying anal sex, anal douching is must be an important part of your bedroom preparations. It is a personal hygiene measure that helps you know your body, understand how your anus feel and most importantly gives you peace of mind during anal play. Both you and your partner want to play with a clean and fresh butt for comfortable fingering, plugging or penetration. Douching help you get prepared for anal sex both physically and mentally. It is a process that leaves you refreshed and relaxed without worry of your partner or butt plugs coming out with your bowel contents during play. It also makes sex and penetration more enjoyable for both you and your partner as a relaxed body is more open to sexual trills.

Add some spice to the excitement by incorporating douching as part of the foreplay. Clean up in the shower alone or bring your partner along for an intense sexual escapade. The smooth insertions and warm sprays will send pleasure shivers up your spine as you push and penetrate deeper into your rectum. Anal sex is mind - blowingly exciting. You want to be clean, fresh and turned on before you let your partner explore your anus.

To ensure a clean play area, it is important to invest in a high quality, easy to use and pleasurable douche for you and your partner.

Types of Anal Douches

When you venture into the sex toy market, you will realise that douches come in different types, sizes and shapes. And although they are meant to perform the same task, they don’t necessarily work the same. Currently, some common douches include; bulb douches, shower douches and water bag douches. Bulb and water bag douches are normally small and portable for easy holds when cleaning. These types of douches are great to pack up for travel for those who like enjoying anal sex when away. Shower systems douches are much large and sophisticated and are idea for use in the bathroom. Most douches come with multiple nozzles that can be interchanged for deeper cleaning and pleasure. Douching can turn your anal sex exploration into an explosion of orgasms.

But, what are the factors to consider when shopping for a douching kit.

How to pick the best anal douche

Consider Functionality of the Douche

When it comes to functionality, it is important to go for user - friendly douches. Nonetheless, the functionality will depend on where and how you intend to use your douching kit. For easy and fast clean up even when travelling, go for a douche that is small and portable. Shower system douches are also amazing as they can be fused into your normal shower system. Although they are more complicated to use than bulb and water bag douches, shower douches are designed to deliver a deep and thorough clean up. 

Consider the Spray Pattern

Douche nozzles come with different spray patterns which can significantly affect how well they clean. Straight sprays only shot water in one direction while a wide  -  round spray helps you clean more thoroughly as it reaches different sections of your anus at once.

Choose a nozzle that best suit you desires

Douching can be a fun and fabulous way to explore your body and know your anal pleasure points. Nozzles can either be grooved, beaded or plain. Grooved and beaded models are designed to provide pleasure while cleaning. On the other hand, plain nozzles are only intended for cleaning. Peaches and Screams recommend douches with thicker, smooth and long nozzles for a fast and chic clean up. Longer nozzles also give you a deeper penetration that is extremely pleasurable.

How to use an anal douche

Once you have bought your douche, it is extremely crucial for both your physical and mental health to start the most anticipated journey from a fear - free zone. This process is intended to be refreshing and enjoyable. All you need is pay attention to the instructions on your kit and be careful during insertions. Before douching, use a desensitizer to disinfect your kit and hands. Add lukewarm water to the douche cup and fasten the tip. Avoid hot water as it may cause injuries to your anus while cold water can cause you to have cramps. Always make sure that the douche nozzle is smooth and intact before inserting it. Introduce some lubricant on your anal cavity and douche nozzle before insertions  -  this will make the douche go in more smoothly. Once the nozzle is in, spray the water and hold your rectum for a few minutes before empting into the toilet. Repeat this until clean water flows out of your rectum. A clean and fresh anus makes you feel sexier, and arouses both you and your partner to ultimate intense sensual penetrations.

Is anal Douching Safe?

When performed properly, anal douching is very safe. However, be careful not to overuse your douche as too much anal douching can cause bodily harm. Studies show that excessive douching can cause your anal mucosal lining to thin out, scaring of anal tissues, cramps and weak anal elasticity  -  which can leave you vulnerable to infections. Additionally, keep your douches clean and secure to prevent contaminations that might cause infections.

Now that you know what to look for when buying and how to use your douche kit, the fretting question is where to shop for the best quality douches.

Where to Shop for High Quality Douches

Peaches and Screams bring you the best user -  friendly douches for you and your partner. We are obliged to make sure you have the best gears to clean up and enjoy your anal play time. Our online shop offer portable, shower systems and travel anal douches in our bedroom essentials category. All our douches are handpicked from manufacturers with the highest quality for smooth clean outs and clean ups. We have also made our prices considerably affordable to make sure you are properly equipped to meet your orgasm desires. Browse our online shop and choose your preferred douche. All orders are shipped with utmost discretion and diligence to protect your privacy.

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