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Using an enema to spice up your love life is a great thing, and things can get super hot very quickly. Most people use enemas as a form of foreplay. Toy with your partner’s asshole a little bit and give them a few orgasms before you actually start anal. This is where you let your deepest and darkest fantasies run wild. You can also ask your lover what they like too, and you can really get freaky. Some couples put milk in the enema and have the enema squirt the milk into their assholes. Everyone has their personal vices; the important thing is you let them all out. Heat up some warm water and squirt it into your girlfriend asshole and let her see how it feels. Try new things and push boundaries, it is guaranteed to get the two of you hot and heavy, resulting in the nastiest sex of your lives. Luckily for you, we have a nice collection of enemas and anal douches at our disposal and they are all available for you. Anal douches can have the same affect as enemas. Fool around a bit and tease your partner until they’re begging for more. They should be craving you to insert yourself inside of their asshole. And if you use the right enema or anal douche, this will be a reality. It’s also very important that you do this or at least experiment a little bit with this because some problems may arise if you don’t. What problems? Well, the worst possible thing that can happen to your relationship is boredom. What will you do when your partner starts to get sick of you? When they just feel like things have become dull? You wouldn’t know what to do and it would devastate you. Your entire world would come crashing down on top of you. So, how do you avoid this? Well, you start by trying new things and spicing things up; especially in the bedroom. Sex is a very important aspect of a relationship and no relationship can stand without it for long. A little butt play can spice things up and keep your partner surprised. Play your cards right and you can reignite that spark in your relationship and keep him/her around forever. But it is important that you start now. Take that risk to try something that you’ve never tried before and let your imagination run wild. Whether you decide to go with the enema or you prefer to use an anal douche, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the fact that you are surprising your partner and introducing a new element to your relationship. Go through our options and choose the one that looks best for you. And also be sure to come back to us and let us know how everything worked out for you. Did they love it? How are things going? Let us know!

It sends shivers up your spine. You feel warm. You feel these subtle tingles floating throughout your body. You put your head back and slowly close your eyes. The feelings are so intense, and yet so soothing. It gets even better when you reach orgasm. These aren’t your normal orgasms. These are blinding. You forget your name for a second. You even forget how to fucking breathe. This is truly an experience. One that can never be replicated nor supplemented. Don’t get us wrong regular sex is fine. There is nothing wrong with is at all. But there is nothing like a little butt play. The sensations you feel are simply unparalleled. They’re like nothing you’ve ever felt before. The warmth that clouds over you is mind numbing and life altering. You truly haven’t felt true bliss, or a perhaps a real orgasm until you’ve experimented with anal play. Those of you who have know exactly what we’re talking about and you find it very easy to relate this this. If you haven’t fooled around with a little butt play then you are missing out on something big here. There are many ways to go about teasing the asshole; there are probably an infinite number of ways. But one sure fire way to really get things going is an enema. If you don’t already know what an enema is, it is used by doctors to inject liquid into the asshole. This is typically used for cleaning purposes and is standard medical practice. However, you can use this for other things too. Kinkier, naughtier things.

Foreplay can consist of many different activities. Fingering your lover’s asshole can bring your pleasure as well as be sensational for your partner. An enema can also bring you both pleasure you may not have thought possible. Anal with a lover can be tricky for some, but making the experience playful and fun will make a transition from play to pleasure easy and more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Trust the partner you chose to try out new activities and new products. Enemas and anal douches can bring you to a heightened state of pleasure you never thought possible. With trust and affection, you could bring your partner to orgasm with soft play as well as hard play. Fantasize with your lover as you bring a warm enema into your space. Add milk or warm water to spruce up the experience. Touch your partner while you are giving the enema or inserting the douche. Fingering at this stage could help open your lover’s senses. Help them relax by offering a gentle touch, soft words, and maybe even a little warm tongue. As your partner smiles and moans with great pleasure, you could begin to introduce other activities such as your fingers or an erect penis. Spice up your sex life by adding new ideas into your world. Open your senses and enjoy orgasms different than others you have had before. An enema or an anal douche bring warm tingling delight through your core and down your body. Allow yourself to have orgasms which are completely different that orgasms you might have through intercourse or wet touching. Even oral sex doesn’t quite offer the intensity anal orgasms can bring. Enemas and anal douches can enhance anal sex as well as the various levels of ecstasy anal sex brings to your body. Your lover will beg for more as they call out orgasm after orgasm. Anal douches could affect your partner in similar ways. From building trust to bringing pleasure, Peaches and Screams products are sure to please all parties. You will crave being touched as much as your partner craves touching you. Experiment and enjoy the pleasure of enemas and anal douches. Reach out and try something new. Anal sex also builds trust within a relationship. If you are at these beginning stages of experimenting with the idea of anal sex, an enema together is a great place to start. Not only will an enema together build trust with your partner, but it will also serve the purpose of cleaning the body as enemas do. An anal douche will bring the same effects. Both can also open the doors for touching, fingering, licking, and penetrating. With each experience, the trust you are building together could only improve your relationship in the bedroom and out. Open your mind, touch your partner. Trust your lover. And try something new today. Start somewhere fun and exciting. Fisting is fun, but trying anal first is even better. Start with trust and an activity which fosters a lover’s trust.

Full Guide: How to Buy Enemas and Douches for Anal Sex

Anal sex is fun, it’s exciting, maybe even milky orgasmic. Once you get the hung of it, you will never want to be pleasure any other way. But despite its sweetness, it can be catastrophically nasty. No one wants to deal with faeces during play. No matter how streaming the games are, the thought of getting out with your partners bowel contents is just a put off.

For that reason, enemas and douches are used to clean and flush our bowel contents before anal sex. A clean and fresh play area is a turn on. Using anal enemas and douches will give you a worry-free playtime. You can enjoy a butt plug or penile penetration without worrying that your toys or your partner’s penis will come out covered with your bowel content. Besides, the whole process of douching is erotically orgasmic. You will enjoy a few orgasms even before the actual play kicks in. It’s a sexual water sport that gives you double benefits; a fresh clean butt and leg shaking orgasms.

But to enjoy the douching session, it is important that you get the right enemas and douches for anal sex. Enemas and douches come in different styles, sizes and shapes. You want something that is comfortable, easy to use and durable.

Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing enemas and douches for anal sex.

Choosing Enemas and Douches for Anal Sex

Choose a Suitable Type

Enemas and douches for anal sex come in different types, each having its own advantages. Here is an overview of the most basic enemas and douches in the market.

Bulb-Syringe Douche

These have a bulb to hold the water and a removable nozzle which allows you to inject the water into your rectum. You can choose between short and long nozzles depending on show deep you want to clean. Bulb-syringe douches are the easiest to use hence, beginner-friendly.

Shower System Douche Kit

Before picking this up, make sure you have some douching experience. Shower system douches are much large and sophisticated to use. They come with a tube and removal nozzles that are attached to your normal shower system.  The nozzles are mostly made of stainless steel or hard plastic. Some allow you to have water pressure control while others depend on the shower water control system. Shower system douches give you a deep thorough cleaning. However, you need to be more careful when using these models, excess pressure through the rectum can cause damage to your intestines and other close organs.

The Enema Bag

These come with a water bottle bag and a nozzle connected to the bag by a hose. It needs to be hung-up like an IV bag in the bathroom. Enemas add an exciting medical twist to the anal sex games.

Enemas are also great for beginners as they give you more control of the water pressure and the weight of the water in taken off your hands. The water bag is also detachable and can easily be folded making for a perfect travel kit.

Pay Attention to the Nozzle Size and Shape

When choosing enemas and douches for anal sex, pay attention to the nozzle size and shape. Nozzles will either be long or short. Some are slim while others are wide. For beginners, choose a short and slim nozzle to reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Long and wide nozzles need more experience to use correctly.

You also need to consider the shape of the nozzle. Nozzles come in different shapes including plain grooved and beaded. The grooved and beaded nozzles are designed to increase pleasure during insertion and removal. Insert the nozzle; glide a bit and then release the water. As you savour the warmth, twist the beads and pull out one at time for multiple pleasures. But for beginners, go for a plain nozzle. The ridges can feel quite uncomfortable until you train your anus to take in some fullness. Make sure the nozzle has a smooth surface to avoid scaring your anal walls.

Pay Attention to the Nozzle Spray Pattern

Another thing you need to consider is the nozzle spray pattern. Enemas and douches for anal sex either have a straight or wide spray pattern. Straight spray patterns only shot water in one direction while a wide pattern allows a more rounded deeper cleaning. Unless you like the feeling of intense directed jets, go for the wide pattern, it is more thorough.

Consider the Lubricants

The anus is not self-lubricating. Before inserting enemas and douches for anal sex, you need to lubricant the anal opening and the nozzle for a smooth insertion. Use silicone-based or oil based lubricants when douching. They hold more during water plays. A water-based lubricant will wash out too easily which might cause you to injure yourself.

Beginners Guide to Anal Douching

Anal sex requires more preparation. Have a bowel movement at least two hours before anal douching. This allows the body enough time to clean itself making the whole douching process easier and quicker.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean and sterilize the enema or douche, especially the nozzle. You also need to clean your anus area with warm water.

Step 2: Fill the douche/bag with warm water. Avoid hot or cold water; it can cause burns or anal clamps. Attach the nozzle and lubricate.

Step 3: Relax. You can fit in the douching session into your foreplay and let your partner help you relax. Lubricate the anus and insert the nozzle. Gently release the water into the rectum and pull out the nozzle. Hold in the water for a few minutes then empty into a toilet bowel. Repeat until the water comes out clean. Remember to re-lube with every insertion.

Now that you are ready to dip into the sexy world of enema and anal douching, visit Peaches and Screams and order user-friendly enemas and douches for anal sex. Clean up and enjoy your anal play time without worry of messing your partner. Choose from our wide variety enemas and douches for anal sex with nozzles of different sizes and shapes. Peaches and Screams offer a discreet billing, packaging and shipping to protect your privacy.

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