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Magic Wand vibrators are perfect because they can massage every part of your body. You can use them alone or with your partner. Start a sensual evening with a full body massage and then end with the bulb of this Magic Wand above your clitoris for the true magic. With simple control, your Magic Wand can stimulate the most sensitive parts of your body. From a light massage to a deep strong rumble vibration, the Magic Wand can penetrate deep into your body. Depending on the pulsating action you set, your magic wand can massage or it can tantalize. Place it directly on your clitoris or rest it on your vulva for incredible action. Some of the Magic Wands at Peaches and Screams are corded and many are cordless. Either way, the pulse sensation will carry through your entire body not matter where you place the wand. For a hotter evening, be sure to place these magic wands in the best of places. A light clitoris massage will drive her crazy until she peaks and cums. Keep the lighter massage going to bring her back down and let her ride the calm wave back up to peak again and again. This magic wand will bring wondrous sensations into your couples’ sex life. Some magic wands have bulb head tips which are moveable so you can position your wand in the right position for the effect you’d like to have. Other magic wands have attachments you can buy separately. These attachments turn amazing into pure magic. Add a waterproof attachment for water play and the most amazing orgasmic experiences in the water you’ve ever had. Other attachments stimulate your clit with fingers or tiny bulbs. A longer attachment penetrates the vagina while at the same time, its smaller twin penetrates the anus. Tease your outer lips with an attachment made to tickle and entice. With a small cup-like tip, this attachment can act as light suction on your clitoris or your vulva for more exciting play. Get wet and enjoy an attachment with a dong or a dong and a clit stimulator on the same piece. Play dry and tickle yourself wet with the fingers you may attach to your magic wand. Once wet and ready, use the wand to insert your double finger attachment or tickle your clitoris until you succumb to orgasm. There are so many things to do with a magic wand. And there are several varieties with different speeds and controls. Adding bulb attachments adds to your orgasmic pleasure. This makes the wand the most versatile sex toy available. Magic wands and their attachments are easy to clean and made with body safe materials. Check out all the products in the Peaches and Screams Magic Wand shop. And don’t forget an attachment or three to improve the ecstasy even more. Order with full discretion at Peaches and Screams.

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