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Practical Guide: How to Buy Pain and Sensation Play Sex Toys for Bondage

Feel your partner tenderly caressing your body, the wet kisses, the nipple suckle and the burning thob between your legs. It is nice but sometime just too obvious. Things tend to get boring. Now imagine this feeling delivered in a more intense and kinky way. A feather tickling your stomach, maybe a hot oil massage, a bit of spanking and whipping, or a balls and nipple bondage, your whole body sensually stimulated and arching with pleasure. Whether you are heightening or denying sensory, sensational play is ultimately intense and orgasmic.

Sensation play can be mild or extremely painful. It is incorporated into BDSM as a way to instil discipline, power, control and fear to the bottom. While it’s more popular in BDSM, there are types of sensation play suitable for vanilla couples looking to spice up their bedroom escapades. The sensation delivered and devices used will highly depend on the type of play you are practicing. Sometime restraints and gags are used to keep the bottom still and quite during play.

So ready up Peaches and Screams friends. Here is an overview of the things you should consider when shopping for pain and sensation play sex toys.

Choose your Type of Sensation Play

There are two types of sensation play each packing its share of pain and pleasure.

Sensory Modification

This involves ticking, scratching, pinching, clawing and temperature plays. It can be mild, sensual or excruciatingly painful. It all depends on your fantasies. To help you deliver these sensations, we have created a list of the sex toys you might need.

Feather Ticklers: tickle your partner to submission with these light and exciting tools. For full impact, concentrate on the armpits, behind the knees, nipples and sides of the stomach. You can also give a light touch to the genitals.

Massage Candles: if you are into deep nerve massage and stimulation, massage candles will be a great addition to your sensation play. The hot steams of oil will leave goosebumps all over your body with pleasurable and relaxation. The distinct aromas will also play a trick to your mind.

Clamps: these include nipple and clit clamps. They are designed to increase skin sensitivity the particular area applied, such that the lightest of touch is intensely felt.

Wartenberg Pinwheels: these devices provide a prickly stimulating sensation. Be sure to use them gently to avoid piercing the skin, unless you like it painful and bloody.

Sensory Balms: these are designed to heat or cool a specific area and heighten sensitivity. They also add a sweet favour to the ambiance

Floggers, Paddles and Spankers: if pain is what turns you on, these tools will deliver you a stingy or thuddy sensation that will felt on long after play. They stimulate and excite the nerves sending you into an erotic bliss of pleasure. The sensation can be mild or extreme depending on your personal preference, force applied and materials used.

Violet Wands and E-Stim devices: turn up the voltage and deliver your partner some electrifying shock therapy. These devices will tingle and shake your nervous systems with numbing sensations of pleasure. But play safe when it comes to electro sex, a simple mistake can be fatal.

Sensory Deprivation

This involves restricting some senses to heighten other sensory. It is commonly used in BDSM to cause fear and control on the bottom. Some of the essential tools include:

Blindfolds: blindfolds are meant to keep the bottom in the dark, not knowing when and where the next stimulation with be delivered.

Hoods: Besides restricting sight, bondage hoods are designed to objectify and humiliate the bottom. It psychologically prepares them for an intense sensation and heightens their nerve sensitivity. Some are fitted with ear pads to restrict hearing.

Ball Gagsball gags  are meant to incapacitate the mouth restricting both speech and taste. The bottom might just want to scream out yet can only twist and drool.

Vacuum Beds: once you are sucked in, your whole body is deprived and any tingle or spank from the outside will send ultimate orgasmic thrills up your spine. This is not recommended for beginners, it does restrict breathing thus, risk of suffocation.

Pay Attention to the Materials

Impact play sex toys are made from varying materials including leather, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, silicone, wood, feathers, fur, and fabrics among others. Each of these materials delivers its own unique texture and sensation to the game. Some like leather, metal, rubber and plastics have a stings sensation, whereas wood offer more of a thuddy sensation. Glass and metal make for good temperature play materials. Feathers, fur and fabrics give a tickle and tantalizing teasing that is mind-blowingly stimulating.

When picking materials, you also need to consider the cleaning and sterilizations procedures. Some materials may be simply cleaned with warm soapy water and antibacterial toy cleaner, while others may require particular attention. Check your user manual to know which cleaning technique is need for each of your sensation play toys.

Sensory Play Precautions and Aftercare

Sensory play involves playing with the nerves and skin; it’s therefore paramount that you play safely. Always start slowly and build up to more sophisticated techniques and toys. Do not pour hot liquids on your bottom, you risk second degree burns to their skin which is extremely painful and may take weeks to heal. When using spankers and whips, avoid striking the spine, back, kidney or other areas with vital organs. It’s also advisable never to leave a bounded, gagged or hooded person alone. Be keen to their comfort and respect the safe word if used.

While sensation play is one of the less extreme BDSM practices, it is a physical and emotional game that requires lots of aftercare to help the bottom recover.

Most bottoms tend to slip into subspace during play. End the play by gradually reducing the stimulus and letting them know that you intend to stop.

In the case your partner feels light-headed, emotional, pained, cold or vulnerable after play, a blanket, reassuring cuddle or a glass of hot milk (pick their favourite drink) will help them relax and come back to reality.

Peaches and Screams advocate for safe play. Sensational play should be exciting and pleasurable, never traumatising.

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