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Personal hygiene is extremely important when it comes to sexual health. Here in our bedroom Essentials collection at Peaches and Screams, we have incredible lines of products specifically designed and made for personal hygiene before during and after sex. Make your body the sexiest it could possibly be to offer to your partner with intimate shaving lotions and gels. Give your lover the best canvas to work with, to touch, to hold, and to lick with hair trimmers, grooming tools, and hair removal products. Start your Kama Sutra experience with Kama Sutra intimate caress moisturizing shave cream to give you the softest skin for your lover to touch. Sculpt your canvas so you become your lover’s playground. Keeping your body hair trimmed is not only sexy but also hygienically safe. Your lover will have easier access to your pleasure points with a neatly trimmed body. Prepare your body for anal sex with anal douches and enema kits. In our Bedroom Essentials collection at Peaches and Screams, you can find incredible and simple bulb douching or enema sets. More elaborate and sexy shower douching and enema systems with incredible tips or jelly dildo like attachments for pleasure and cleansing are also available here. These shower sets allow you to control the flow of water and the temperature. Anal relaxants and anal easing products make anal sex more comfortable for you and your lover. With anal lubricants, sex is not only extremely comfortable and easy but also more pleasurable because couples find they are more relaxed together. Relax and enjoy your partner with anal relaxants. In our bedroom Essentials collection here at Peaches and Screams, we understand that toys are an imperative aspect of sexual health whether you are by yourself or with your lover. This is the selection where you will find sex toy essentials. If you need extra batteries, chargers, or adapters or even sex toy cleaners, which are imperative for sexual health, this is where you will find them. Don't let something like harmful bacteria come between you and your fabulous sex toys. Keep them clean with our fantastic line of sex toy misting sprays and antibacterial cleaners. Dead batteries won’t make you cum. Stock up on batteries so you have what you need on hand. In our personal hygiene line, you will also find soft tampons. Tampons for sport, swimming, saunas, spa, and for making love. Soft tampons are comfortable and easy to use. They can easily be worn while you are in the water or having intercourse. These incredible soft tampons are stringless. They are clinically and dermatologically tested and highly innovative. Personal hygiene is extremely important for overall health as well as sexual health. Your sexual desires and sexual needs are important. Take care of your body so you can continue to have the most incredible sex with your partner. Peaches and Screams protects your privacy. We will ship all your sex products directly to your house in discreet packaging.

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