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Plus Size Corsets and Basques

The classic hour glass shape has been the measure of sexiness for the longest time, and although coveted by millions, it is not always the natural shape you find on many women. The slim waist, exaggerated boobs and the accentuated hips come together to create the most beautiful silhouette on a woman, making her the ultimate symbol of sexiness and beauty. Luckily, this wonderful figure is achievable to all, thanks to the beautiful lingerie creation called the corset. This masterful piece of design is created to close tightly around your waist so as to hold everything in your midriff in a tight grip, making your waist look marginally smaller. It pushes your boobs up and matched with a scandalously sexy bra, it gives you the ultimate appealing look of gigantic boobs and an impossibly small waist. The lower side of the corset is flared so it seamlessly connects your hips and your waist in a beautiful curve that transforms a once free form body into a sexy hourglass figure like the women in the Victorian era.

Although corsets are good, Basques are a cut above the classic corset. Designed to achieve that curvy sexy shape that makes everyone drool, the Basque also comes pre fitted with a bra and the capability of clipping to some sexy stockings for that seductive look that is both chic and sexy at the same time. Basques and corsets are categorized as waist clinchers but they are so much more to the person wearing them at the time. Achieving that sexy shape is the great confidence booster that a person may need to let go of their body related insecurities and live their sexiest self in the moment as a seductively curvy goddess. For some, seeing themselves in that shape gives them the motivation to finally get started on their weight loss journey. However, some just love their bodies as they are and the corset is just a costume that they use to spice things up in the bedroom by setting up randy burlesque dances.

You do not have to be a size 0 to enjoy the benefits of the corsets and the Basques as they are available in all sizes, including 18+. Sexiness is no longer defined by narrow hips and Victoria Secret’s model type of body, but by the embodiment of an attitude and a way of presenting yourself to the world with such ferocious acceptance that your personality strikes awe and wonder into people, drawing them into your world where everyone is accepted just as they are.

Peaches and Screams shop offers you a chance to indulge your sexy side by acquiring a Basque or a corset that strikes your fancy. Big is beautiful, small is beautiful and medium is beautiful. In this world total inclusion is the name of the game and in the world of big, bold and sexy, corsets and Basques play a big role in giving all women the boost that they need to take their game to the next level. Buy plus size sexy corsets and bustiers for larger women of uk size 18+ at Peaches & Screams sexy lingerie shop.

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