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Also known as blown up love dolls, sex dolls are usually used in one-person sex action and are selected based on the user’s preference. Sex dolls vary in features as some may contain head only (for blow-job-like stimulation) while others may contain full bodily features including head (for blow job stimulation), anus (for back-door sex stimulation), vagina (for penetration and vaginal stimulation). Dolls with full body features usually take real human-like shape. The dolls are usually inflatable (depending on size) and up until recently, they were made as sex toys for men. Some of the most popular materials used in making sex dolls include silicone and latex. Sex dolls or love dolls have been around for centuries. Some people refer to these simple inflatable toys as blow up dolls. They are usually meant for company for one person. These sex dolls or blow up love dolls offer a more lifelike full body doll for you or sexual intimacy and masturbation pleasure. Love dolls vary in size, shape, gender, and features. Some love dolls are only ahead meant for blowjob stimulation. Other dolls are just genitalia and ass. Some of these love dolls are posed in missionary positions or bent over with their hands spreading their ass for dual penetration. Female love dolls have an open hole for vaginal penetration and stimulation. Most female dolls will have dual love holes for vaginal and anal penetration. Many dolls are in full form taking on a human shape giving you the feel of a real live person with you. Female dolls would also have breasts and nipples for your pleasure. These human-like dolls are usually inflatable and can take your body weight for climbing aboard and doll fucking action. Peaches and Screams has a line of male love dolls and a line of female love dolls. Male love dolls are blow up dolls meant for men and women. Increase your pleasure alone with the help of a blow-up boyfriend. Some of these dolls come with an infinitely erect penis always ready to go. You can climb aboard. You can back it up against a wall and bend over. Lube up and get ready for doll fucking. Some of the male blow up dolls have removable dildos. So you could use this doll as a blow-up boyfriend or just take their cock off and fuck a dildo from your boyfriend doll. Female dolls come in different shapes and sizes. Female dolls are focused on breasts, vagina, and the ass of a hot chick. Some female dolls will have mouths that are wide open and ready for a fucking blowjob. Female dolls often come in various positions. Missionary style, doggy style, stretched with legs wide. Pussy swollen and on top of that, all ready for penetration. Some female dolls have flesh like material lining the genitalia of the doll giving you the sensation of real skin that you can play with, tantalize, and fuck. Some female dolls are in a sitting position so you can lie on your back or sit upright in a chair and have this doll straddle your cock as you ride. Not all female dolls are blow up. Some female dolls are made more 3D looking with body-safe materials. With real doll hair and eyelashes and voluptuous breasts and soft nipples. With a smooth anus and vagina made of body safe silicone, the award-winning love cock love doll at Peaches and Screams is sure to help you cum. Check out the entire line of love dolls here at Peaches and Screams. Pick your pleasure and order today with confidence that your orders are 100% discreet. Buy inflatable sex dolls, blow up love dolls & life-like sex dolls at Peaches & Screams UK online sex toy shop. Browse sex toys for men.Interesting Facts About Life-Like Sex Dolls


Sex dolls date as far back as the 17th century when (Dutch) sailors needed some ‘companions’ ;) and for this reason, sex dolls are sometimes referred to as ‘Dutch wives’ especially in Japan.
Very many a times, sex doll users end up developing emotional attachments to their toys
Some sex dolls (synthetic, full bodied) can be heavy (weighing up to 52 kilograms or 115 pounds)
It is said that the Barbie doll was spun off a German sex doll.
Almost single-handedly, Horward Stern is said to have boosted the popularity of sex dolls by having sex with one – on air

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