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October 25, 2017 3 min read

6 Reasons You Should Try Electrosex

Electro stimulation is a game designed to combine the most unlikely items for a session of intense stimulation like never experienced before. From electro paddles to electro gloves, the use of electric current for sexual gratification is guaranteed to be an experience that is out of this world. If you are not sure about its effectiveness, here are some reasons why it is fast gaining popularity in the BDSM scene.

Enhanced Emotional Connection

Electro stimulation has some inherent risks if it is not practiced with the utmost care and precision. For this reason, engaging in this session requires some existing trust between you and your partner. As the game progresses, new techniques are learnt and developed and the only reason you would be able to engage is if you have the ultimate level of trust in your partner.

There is always a risk of the dominant exceeding the submissive’s pain threshold and with every session that ends well, the bond between the dominant and submissive increases as the trust is deeper.

Endorphin Release

When the body is stimulated, the pain receptors respond by releasing the body’s natural painkiller. These endorphins have the same effect as codeine and morphine. Once in the system, your body achieves a natural high, making you feel like you are floating in space as your mind is flooded with the feel good hormones.
With every electric jolt that grips your body, the hormones make you feel even better than before. This makes electro stimulation very addictive as these intense feeling ensure that the painful sensations do not last long.

Pain vs. Pleasure

Electro stimulation probes are designed for placement on various parts of the body. For the genital probes, the body has a hard time processing the exact sensation once the electric current runs through. With the nipples and genitalia, the body always expects pleasure stimulations and when the tinge is felt, the brain cannot fully comprehend the sensation. This pain and pleasure confusion excites the brain even further, leading to a release of adrenaline. The sensations experienced further up the anticipation, making pain and pleasure almost the same.

Heightened Sensitivity

With every jolt that runs through your body, the skin becomes even more sensitive, making every consecutive jolt feel even greater than the last one. Manipulating this increased sensitivity becomes a great way to have your partner enjoying every single second of sensory and temperature when it follows. When applied to the genitals, the area becomes even more sensitive and makes the penetrative session so powerful.

Change Up Your Experiences

Normal toys have very defined stimulation techniques; rotation, vibration or a combination of both. After a while the body needs a switch up. Electro stimulation is so far put from these normal sensations and getting your body to experience the joys of electro play is a great way to deviate from the normal play. New bedroom experiences serve to enhance the relationship and the quality of the sexual experience. Introducing electro stimulation ensures that you and your partner get to bring your sex life back to life while also opening you up to even greater sensations as you rediscover each other.

Anticipated Orgasmic Release

With every jolt that runs through your body you get closer and closer to the final release. However, electro play can be the perfect technique for teasing, making your anticipation rise to a crescendo. With the ending in sight your body craves more and more, making each sensation feel even greater than the last. Throughout the session your body is filled with intense sensations that drive you to the brink and leave you just hanging there.
When the game comes to its end, your orgasmic release will have you sighing with relief as every nerve wrecking sensation grips your body. Every powerful moment will be enough to have you coming back for more.

Electro stimulation requires guts to dive in, but with the selection of toys for beginners, once you start there is no denying the benefits. Every experience is overwhelming and mind blowing, making it a game you want to indulge in over and over again. Take a chance with this and find out exactly how pleasurable electricity can be.

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