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October 19, 2017 3 min read

Beginner's Guide to Urethral Sounding

So many men are attesting to the orgasmic consequences of urethral sounding, especially how they have achieved the best type of orgasm of all, prostate orgasm. If you have the intention of joining the one way trip to internal penile stimulation, you have to keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure, and whilst the benefits are well worth the risk, there is no excuse for ignorance and recklessness. Embarking on this journey requires adherence to some fundamental safety precautions.


  • Do NOT indulge in urethral play if you are prone to Urinal Tract Infections. Inserting the plugs and sounds may accelerate the frequency of infections which is very undesirable.
  • Never use random objects to indulge in urethral sounding as they are likely to cause injury and infections, both of which are preventable if you always use toys designed for urethral sounding purposes.
  • Always sterilize your sounds and plugs. If they are made from materials that are safe to boil like silicone or stainless steel, make sure to insert in boiling water for 3-5 minutes or simmer for 10 minutes before use.
  • Wipe your urethral sounds and penis plugs with alcohol swabs after cleaning for extra sterilization.
  • Always wash your hands and penis with antibacterial soap and hot water before beginning your session. For extra protection, you can wear surgical gloves.
  • Always use sterile lubricant for urethral play to further prevent the occurrence of infections.
  • When choosing a sound or plug, make sure you choose one that is neither too thick nor too slim as they increase the risk of puncturing the urethral wall. To start you off, always go for a medium and mildly flexible probe, as a rigid probe also increases your chances of puncturing your urethral wall.
  • If you experience a sharp pain during your play, stop immediately. The same applies if one particular area starts to hurt more than the rest.
  • If you experience an unusual discharge, bleeding, prolonged pain during urination, fever or cramping, seek medical attention.

Choosing a Urethral Sound

If you are looking to indulge in urethral sounding for the first time, you should ensure that you get a slightly flexible sound. A sound that is too rigid may be dangerous if you are inexperienced as the risk of causing damage to the urethral wall is extremely high. Always choose silicone sounds as these are slightly flexible and give you the chance to practice safely as you figure out the best stimulation angles for your urethra. When it comes to size, always ensure to get medium sized sounds as the slim ones and thick ones may be a bit tricky to use for a first timer, increasing the chances of accidental tearing of the urethral wall.

Using a Urethral Sound

Pick the urethral sound you are planning to use and sterilize the sound, your hands and penis. Once this is done, you may put on your surgical gloves if you intend to. With plenty of sterile lube on hand, pour just enough on the tip of your dick and on the first few inches of your urethral sound. With one hand holding your member, stabilize the sound with the other hand and carefully place one end of the toy into your urethral opening. For beginners, insertion is usually fairly easier on a flaccid penis as compared to a stiff member. Let the rest of the sound fall in using gravity. Once you feel the probe stop, do not push the toy any further. Take a moment to allow your urethra to adapt to the expansion, and then slowly and gently move the sound up and down about an inch. Whenever necessary, remove and reapply lube before continuing. Always make sure to remove the sound before ejaculation. During the whole session, listen carefully to your body and take it slow to ensure that you are aware of any discomfort before it progresses further into pain.

Indulging in urethral sounding requires a great amount of patience and slow progression as you get to learn the best angles and the toys that get your body experiencing the sensations that you are aiming for. Once you are comfortable enough to progress, take it one step at a time and never sacrifice safety for speed and you will reap the unending benefits of urethral stimulation.

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