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December 12, 2017 3 min read

Guide To Chemises, Gowns, Silk Chemises, Satin Chemises, Silk Gowns, Night Gowns, Satin Gowns

Getting into bed after a long day is so relaxing for so many people. However, the outfits worn into bed also have a great impact on your mood before you slip under the covers. For women, nightwear varies and with so many options it is sometimes a bit challenging to get something that is better than another. However, since there is no law about having various options in the closet, here are a few night wear that will have you feeling great as you slip under the covers.

Guide To Chemises, Gowns, Silk Chemises, Satin Chemises, Silk Gowns, Night Gowns, Satin Gowns


Chemises trace their popularity in the middle ages. Once used as undergarments to protect the outer garments from oils and sweat, the chemise has come a long way since then. The chemise is a form fitting garment that covers you up to the hips. It is sometimes considered a dress as some are longer. Made from light materials, chemises make for great nightwear and seduction attire. Silk and satin chemises are light, comfortable and very alluring. While the materials may be more expensive compared to their synthetic material counterparts, the feel is always worth every penny.

Guide To Chemises, Gowns, Silk Chemises, Satin Chemises, Silk Gowns, Night Gowns, Satin Gowns

The chemise comes in so many different designs, incorporating patterns and colors that are so diverse they are inexhaustible. The chemise feels so comfortable and also makes your frame look so supple and sexy that you get into bed feeling so good.

For a randy night, the chemise can also be coupled with a matching thong or crotchless knickers to give your partner a show unlike any other. This versatility makes the chemise a great garment to have in the closet as it will come in handy in more ways than one. The longer chemise is also great to wear on a night out when you feel like having your partner take a glimpse at what may be in store later in the night.


Gowns are long and designed to cover your entire frame. However, instead of looking bland and boring, gowns have a certain unique appeal that is attributed to its sophisticated look. The gown is form fitting on the top part and then flows freely from the waist, ensuring that your waistline is accentuated for maximum sensual effect. Silk and satin gowns are light and smoothly brush against your frame with every step, making your walk seem regal and a great turn on.

Some gowns are form fitting from top to just before the knees, and then the material flows. This design makes your figure the focus of attention and the silk and satin material shine makes your silhouette even more attractive.

Guide To Chemises, Gowns, Silk Chemises, Satin Chemises, Silk Gowns, Night Gowns, Satin Gowns

Silk and satin gowns come in all sorts of different colors. From the beautiful deep passionate colors to the soft demure colors that have the mood shift to intense romance. Choosing the best color may be a bit of a hassle as there are so many options with even the basic pink color having a whole lot of different shades and hues to choose from.

The gown design is also something that should be greatly considered. The spaghetti strap gowns accentuate the shoulders and expose the neck, making these parts the primary focus. Some have a plunging neckline to ensure that the cleavage is clearly visible. Other gowns have a long slit up the side to expose the beautiful long legs. Every gown design is created to accentuate one part of the body or another. Whichever your best feature is, there is a gown that will ensure that feature is in the spotlight for the night.

While chemises and gowns may be considered nightwear, they can also be employed for the sole purpose of ensuring that the seduction game is in full effect. Silk and satin are materials that feel great on the skin, increasing the feel good sensations that are fundamental in the seduction game. Combined with the right color and design, chemises and gowns go from functional garments to seduction accessories that are simple and sophisticated while also oozing unlimited sensual allure that will have your partner waiting eagerly to get them off. As you choose your silk or satin chemise or gown, ensure that you pick a color and design that will ensure you feel sexy and confident.

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