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December 15, 2017 3 min read

5 Common Misconceptions About Fancy Dress Wigs, Party Wigs, Costume Wigs And Adult Fancy Dress Costumes

Accessories have the power to render a costume ugly within seconds, undoing hours worth of preparation and even causing intense frustrations. When it comes to choosing the right accessories, the hair always comes into play. The existence of wigs is a show of the importance of the hair when it comes to stepping out looking like a million bucks. For every sexy music video, a few of the vixens are always rocking some great hair wigs that look like the real thing. When it comes to choosing the right wig for your costume, always ensure that you check out a few things;

Guide To Fancy Dress Wigs, Party Wigs, Costume Wigs And Adult Fancy Dress Costumes

Length Of Fancy Dress Wigs

Just like the normal hair, wigs come in various lengths, from the really short to Rapunzel length hair. The choice of length is dependent on the costume that you have chosen and how accurate you want your costume to be. If you are channeling Rihanna, the short wig may be necessary, but depending on the particular look you may be going for, the length varies. From short to medium length to long, always ensure that your choice aptly captures the costume and complements the look.

Color Of Fancy Dress Wigs

Party wigs come in all sorts of colors. Clowns have the multicolored afro while the 70s dance scene had the pitch black afro do. The choice of wig color is wholly dependent on the costume piece. Some require a bold color like purple or green or red while others may be just be a simple choice of a natural brunette choosing a blonde wig. The color of the wig ranges from funny clown colors to those that will have you change from the normal look to a whole new sexy look.

Styles Of Fancy Dress Wigs

Party wigs come already prestyled. From those with bangs, to the straight hair to even bee hives for channeling the 80s look. Whichever style you choose, always ensure that you can hold it up and that it complements your outfit. The Hunger Games characters had on some intense intricate wigs and if those are the characters you are channeling then you need to get the wigs that match up with the color and styles.

Guide To Fancy Dress Wigs, Party Wigs, Costume Wigs And Adult Fancy Dress Costumes

Lace front wigs have been receiving so much acclaim as they are way more natural looking. These wigs give you the hairline that is totally to die for, making sure that you attain that sexy look that you were looking for. The wig sits comfortably on the head and takes an expert to figure out that it may not be your real hair that you are rocking so well.

Natural vs Synthetic Fancy Dress Wigs

It is a well known fact that some people sell their hair for the creation of luxury wigs. While some may find it absurd investing so much on a wig, these wigs are so versatile and always make for a great investment in the long run. If you are looking for a wig to wear for one occasion, the cheaper synthetic wig may be the best choice for you. However, if your costume involves having sexy hair, the wig can be styled to match the inspired look. Natural wigs can be washed and restyled as much as possible, making one wig enough to get endless hair styles, including twist outs.

Guide To Fancy Dress Wigs, Party Wigs, Costume Wigs And Adult Fancy Dress Costumes

Fancy Dress Costumes

Costume parties have been around for ages. In addition to the fun preparation part, the final look is absolutely amazing and makes all the time spent working on it worth it. In addition, wearing a costume allows you to step out of your normal self and embrace anyone you want to be. From mythical creatures to sexy celebrities, the choices are vast, diverse and all there for you.

Choosing the right fancy dress costume requires that you pay attention to your size, the costume materials and the accessories at your disposal. Adult fancy dress costumes are design to get the role play session on a whole other authenticity level, giving you and your partner the chance to get really creative and innovative in your sex play. Taking the time to find the right costume ensures that whenever and wherever you wear it you get to be the very center of attention.

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