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September 15, 2017 2 min read

Sex Toys for a Romantic Occasion

Sex toys aren't just for solo play- many of them can provide plenty of fun for couples looking to help make a romantic occasion. Experimenting with your partner can be a lot of fun, as you go on a journey together to a new and intense experience that could completely change your sex life. In this article, we'll talk you through our top picks for toys you can use together.

Sex Toys for a Romantic Occasion


Everyone's genitals can be easily stimulated by a vibrating sex toy, so they're a great choice if you're looking to share sensations with a partner. For men or women, they can provide a whole new realm of pleasure for you or your partner, and you can use them on each other to share the fun. Why not expose your man to something new to show him how naughty he makes you feel?

Sex Toys for a Romantic Occasion

Cock Rings

Since cock rings provide added pleasure to both partners during sex, they can help make a romantic occasion even more intimate by giving you an even greater sexual experience. They can help a man last longer to satisfy you both even more, and many of them are also ribbed to give a little extra kick to proceedings. We also carry a range of vibrating cock rings for an intense, one off experience that will blow both of your minds.

Sex Toys for a Romantic Occasion

Double-ended dildos

Double-enders are a no brainer for lesbian couples, as they allow both partners to enjoy penetrative pleasure from the same toy. However, for the more adventurous straight couple, they can also bring a deeper level of intimacy. As the man surrenders his inhibitions so that you can both share the experience of penetration together, you will find yourselves making a deep sexual connection that will bring you both a lot closer together.

Sex Toys for a Romantic Occasion


Full-on bondage isn't for everyone, but a pair of fluffy handcuffs can be just the thing to show your partner how erotic you find their body. As they are left entirely at your mercy, you will be able to pleasure them however you wish, and they will give themselves up completely to you. With a mask over their eyes as well, you will be in complete control of proceedings. You could also try coupling these with a paddle if you feel your partner needs to be taught a little bit of tough love, too.

Sex Toys for a Romantic Occasion

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