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MUST READ! Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Butt Plugs With a Finger Loop

The anal pleasure world is dark with erotic. It is characterised by exciting moments of intense stimulation that burns your entire body with quivering orgasms. In the heat of the moment, you want a butt plug that is easy to use and that have an intense stimulating capacity. Anal butt plugs with a finger loops are perfect for this job.

The plugs are created with different sizes, shapes and textures to increase stimulation and drive your anal cavity insane with sensation. Instead of a flanged base like most butt plugs, these are fitted with a finger loop. The finger loop is designed to provide some bearing and prevent over- insertion. It also doubles up as a handle for easily moving the plug in and out of the anus. Butt plugs with a finger loop are excellent for solo play as the ring provides an easy and quick pull out on climax for the most intense, leg-shaking orgasms. For those who enjoy an intense anal rough-ride, hook the loop on your finger and create sensational push and pull rhythm for nerve wrecking pleasure. Redefine your backdoor desire fantasies by choosing Necronomicox butt plug with a finger loop, specially designed for deep levels of penetration and breath-taking sexual gratification.  

Butt plugs with a finger loop give you that rare chance to engineer your own naughty delight. Though, there is an art in choosing the tool that will challenge your pain threshold and sexual mobility. Here are a few things we think you should consider when buying a butt plug with a finger loop.

Thing to Consider When Buying Butt Plugs with a Finger Loop

Finger Loop Diameter

The finger loop is the stopper to make sure that your plug is not lost inside you while you concentrate on other activities such as foreplay or conventional sex with your partner. You therefore need to make sure that there is a well spelt out next to ensure the loop is actually left out during play.  You also need a wide loop to comfortably fit in your fingers for a firm hold especially when delivering an intense and rough anal thrust in a well-orchestrated masturbation.

In addition to the finger loop functionality and conveniences, a good diameter gives you an easy uncalculated removal just before climax for a blinding multiple orgasm.

Insertable Length

The Insertable length of a butt plug is the part that fully gets into your anus. Butt plugs with a finger loop are all about fun and games. They are incredibly good at delivering that dark erotic stimulation that breaks your bondage limits. But, until your backdoor is fully trained and elastic enough to take up deep penetrations, we recommend you start with short and slim plugs. It might sound uninteresting, but our beginner butt plug with a finger loop collection actual deliver quite a punch to your tight ass. For anal sex fanatics, we have large butt plugs with finger loops with long Insertable lengths for deep penetrations and prostate milking of unimaginable intensities.


The materials used to manufacture the butt plugs with a finger loop vary greatly. Some common materials include silicone, rubber, jelly, metal, glass, exotic stone and deep polished wood. Some materials such as glass, metal and stone can be crafted with glamorously striking designs to entice you creativity and unblock a mystical wonder of blissful dark backdoor eroticism. When choosing butt plugs with a finger loop, it is important to pick those made from body-safe, non-porous (waterproof and air tight) and easy to clean materials.


Butt plugs with a finger loop are made with anal stimulation as their sole goal. To fulfil this purpose, different textures from smooth, ribbed, and even beaded have been crafted to shake up your butthole nerves with volcanic voltage stimulation. The texture of the butt plug can increase the feeling of fullness and the anal stimulation and gives your deep multiple sensations especially during the glide of insertion and removal. Test the limits of your fullness with beaded or ribbed butt plugs that pay tribute to your darkest pleasure desires. Necronomicox give you the freedom to choose your punishment and administer pain and pleasure to your playmate with naughty but delightful butt plugs with a finger loop.

Other anal play accessories to consider

Anal play is a thrilling sexual adventure that adds some spice and elation to your sex life. It is an act of self-love. Of wanting to experience limitless pleasure and working to get it because you so deserve it. So, to make this play smooth and sweet, along with your high-quality butt plug with a finger loop from Necronomicox, add a nice douching system from our bedroom essential collection to help you clean and refresh your backdoor. Once neat and refreshed, reward it with exotic butt plug with a finger loop, or even letting your playmate give you a warm rough penile trust. Always use anal lubricants, anal easing and anal relaxants from Necronomicox to lubricate and relax your butthole and toys before insertion. Let the sky break open with fiery anal sensation and butt- cracking orgasms that will blow out your brains. Although you might be used to share things with your playmate, please avoid sharing your butt plugs for personal health and hygiene purposes.

After enjoying an insane anal stimulation that leave both you and your mate body quenching with exotic pleasure, it is crucial to give your butt plug with a finger loop and any other accessories used a nice wash. Use soapy warm water and a strong disinfecting solution to clean and sterilize them. Dry them thoroughly and store in a clean and sterile place, most preferable a sex toy kit from Necronomicox.


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