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The C string Thong is a new invisible Ultra sexy Underwear. No unwanted straps, it looks like sexy underwear at the front with a thong style strip at the rear with nothing at the sides. C string Thong can be worn under all your favourite clothes has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds on to your body. It can also be worn for sunbathing, so you get no Tanning Lines. Comfortably secure so your modesty remains safe.

Kiss goodbye to panty-lines and tan-lines with the incredible C-String Invisible Underwear! At the front it looks like sexy underwear, to the rear it has a thong-style strip, and to the sides it has nothing at all!

The C-String is a completely new and exciting innovation in lingerie. It fits your figure with no need for side-straps!

How does it work? C-String has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to the body both securely and comfortably. Your modesty remains safely covered at all times.

At the front it looks like sexy underwear, to the rear it has a thong-style strip, and to the sides it has nothing at all! Out and about: the C-String can be worn  under all your favorite clothes: dresses, skirts, jeans On the beach: the C-String can be worn alone as beachwear for the perfect all-round tan.

Forget the "b"ikini the "C"-Kini is where it's at! In the bedroom: the C-String is it!

C-strings (also known as c-thongs) are worn as underclothes and cover even less of the body than a g-string or thong-type pair of knickers. They’re also known as invisible underwear since they’re virtually impossible to see underneath the clothing no matter how tight a skirt, dress, or pair of trousers is. They can even be worn under dresses that are slit extremely high up the thigh or under extremely short “schoolgirl”-style skirts. C-strings are a relatively new trend, having first hit the market in 2007. Now they’re fashion staples, worn under risque dresses on the red carpet at film premieres and on the catwalk at high-end fashion shows. Worn on the beach or in a tanning bed, c-strings reduce the appearance of tan lines. You can tan wearing a c-string and then when you want to wear a bikini or other style of swimwear on the beach, your tan lines won’t be visible, no matter how small the bikini. C-strings eliminate the need to be totally nude in a tanning bed.

How do c-strings work?

Shaped like the letter C, they are made of stiff material (fabric with a thin wire or plastic inside, similar to a bra with an underwire) that retains its shape. They fit over the groin, covering a small area in the front and riding between the cheeks, like a G-string or thong, in the back. There is no fabric or “string” that goes around the waist, so nothing shows through the clothing. No more visible panty lines. Some versions of the c-string are designed without the wire or plastic. These are held in place with a re-usable tab of flexible silicone gel. These c-strings come in a wide variety of colors, styles, designs, and fabrics. They’re designed for people of all genders, with the ones for people with a penis designed with more room up front, for the obvious anatomical reasons.

Why not just go commando?

There could be many reasons why you might not want to go out in public wearing underneath your clothes, but the most frequent reason people choose to wear them is to avoid flashing everyone in a short skirt or dress. They do provide some coverage of your most private areas, and even if the wind should blow your skirt up, the public still won’t be able to see the full Monty. Bum cheeks, yes. But not the full Monty.

Are they comfortable?

Many wearers think so. They enjoy the sexy look of the very minimal garment, like a modern version of a loincloth. It really depends on one’s personal preferences.

Can I move around while wearing a c-string?

Yes, you certainly can. You can run, walk, sit normally, and even dance while wearing a c-string. Most wearers don’t wear them under their clothes every day, but save them for occasions when they’re going to be wearing something special.

Do they come in different sizes?

Generally, no. One size fits all, for the most part.

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