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Help With Buying and Using Cock Rings

Things to look out for when choosing cock rings. When purchasing a cock ring for the first time, many men will purchase a small cock rings, which may then be difficult to fit on.

The size of the cock ring is not relative to the size of your penis.

Many men prefer cock rings that go around the base of the penis and testicles (full tackle) rather than just around the penis.

At Necronomicox, we recommend starting with a larger size and as you become more experienced, then progressing to smaller size cock rings. The smaller the cock ring, the tighter the squeeze and the greater the sensation….you do need to build up to this.

Cock Rings: More Useful Suggestions

A cock ring should be placed over the penis fairly early on in the foreplay, just as you beome aroused or for the less flexible styles, when you are flaccid. Once the penis is fully erect, cock rings may be difficult to fit. A larger size ring will give you a bit more time to get it on.

We recommend choosing cock rings that are easy to adjust and flexible to start with. If you enjoy the sensations you may choose to try a metal or non-stretchy silicone cock ring, but to start you with are likely to have more success and get more pleasure from a softer more flexible style.

If your partner is a woman, it is good to be aware that if you get vigorous during intercourse, that metal cock-rings worn just at the base of the penis may bruise her.

Browse Cock Rings with Butt Plugs

If there was ever a contest on which anal toy could get you off faster, the cock ring cum butt plug combo would be the Usain Bolt of the lot. The cock ring is a wonderful masterpiece that gives your penis the feeling of invincibility with a dash of pure awesomeness. This powerful piece creates havoc and intensifies the sexual experience by extending your erection’s lifespan and having your blood vessels pulsating like never before. The butt plug on the other hand handles your backyard like a pro by ensuring your prostate is massage thoroughly and with just the right level of intensity. This overloads your pleasure spot and guarantees orgasms that turn your brain into mush.

The sex experts decided to come up with a way to launch a simultaneous attack on your front and back flanks, ensuring that you do not escape from the orgasm of a lifetime. The great idea; a cock ring and butt plug combo. This double wham is guaranteed to confuse your mind as it will be bombarded thoroughly with intense pleasure and you will have no option but to enjoy the best roller coaster ride with an explosive happy ending. The ring and the plug are connected by a strong material to ensure that the two do not disconnect during use.

As the cock ring holds your erection hostage, the butt plug opens up the ass hole and lodges itself tightly against the p-spot. The harder your erection gets, the butt plug applies more pressure in the anal cavity and excites the pleasurable nerve endings. The pulsating cock makes the butt plug pulsate in tune, creating a rhythm made to ensure a mind blowing orgasm. To take matters to the next level, some butt plugs are actually vibrating bullets. The vibrations caused by the bullet are transferred to the cock and with the ring making sure you hold your erection for the longest possible time frame, the sensations last so long that you feel like you might actually succumb to your death because of the intense pleasure.

This beautiful masterpiece can be used for solo sessions or team play. Thrusting in out of your partner as you get stimulated will ensure that both of you share an experience you will never forget. The vibrations are transferred form you to your partner and the contagious nature of excitement will elicit a performance that will leave both you spent and utterly devoid of any regrets regarding the purchase of this toy.

Necronomicox ensures that your needs are always met, even those you had no clue you had. With our selection of cock rings with butt plugs, you have a choice ranging from stainless steel cock rings with adjustable butt plugs to rubber cock rings with butt plugs. If you are in search of the ultimate orgasmic high, now is as good a time as any to start, so get your own cock ring with butt plug and saddle up for the greatest ride of your life. Browse cockrings with butt plugs below.


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