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Edible Licks, Lubes & Body Paints

Our edible licks can help to make you taste as good as you look. Smother yourself with Necronomicox’s edible licks, lubes are body paints and let your partner clean you back up.

Our range enables you to boost passion, romance and naughtiness in the bedroom as eating off one another’s bodies is sure to turn both of you on.


The art of successful bondage is the planning and well-orchestrated foreplay. How about some after dinner edible willies, nipples or underwear to replace that routine nightcap? Necronomicox have a mouth-watering selection of sexy adult candy, novelty chocolates, chocolate penises and nipples to prop you up for an explosive night of passion.

Try these Candy Bras or Candy Posing Pouch Novelty Underwear. Sweeten your sex life add to your shopping cart some of Necronomicox’ best sexy adult candy and novelty chocolates. Sexy adult candy and novelty chocolates are essential for your boudoir and must be kept in a cool and safe place. Buy sexy adult candy and novelty chocolates online with 100% discretion in billing and shipping. The candy underwear comes in bright and exciting colours and in different sizes. The packaging is discreet and delivery is right on time.

If you have played around with whipped cream, ice cream or body chocolate then you know you and your lover are in for a real treat with these edible delights. The bite-size miniature willies are appropriate for teasing and including in your sweetened tonsil hockey games. Give your kisses something special and a lingering sweet taste. The Candy underwear allows you to combine a lick of the candy and the pussy or his balls. Upgrade your soft bondage to include Edible Treats. Always remember that personal hygiene is important in the licking games. Many relationships start with what strikes the eye first but most are kept going and strengthened by a lover’s bedroom skills. Many have been known to swoon over the mention of their lover’s name because of their sexual prowess. You have had that stimulating aphrodisiac bath, and your skin is silky smooth from that exotic body crème but your tooth is craving something sweet. What better way to satisfy that craving than with an erotically moulded chocolate dong? Eat your way into her pussy through that sexually exciting and stimulating candy underwear. Balance the chocolate nipples on your lover’s real nipples and let the body temperature melt them as you slowly and teasingly lick of the chocolate. Sex they say is mostly in the mind but it will remain there unless you unleash your powers of imagination and weave some magic using our delectable Edible Treats.

Throw the Edible Candy Bra into the mix and lay the foundation for a fiery night of fantasy and electric sex. Buy sexy adult candy and novelty chocolates online and use these treats in your foreplay, vaginal or anal play and watch the sparks fly. Create an impossible to beat sexual repertoire with our Edible Treats. Take a spin around our online shop, browse and fill up your shopping cart with super quality and delicious Edible Treats. Raise the bar in your erotic bondage play. Have a game plan for the most audacious and mind-blowing foreplay. Raise the stakes and give sweetness a chance in your soft bondage play. Savour the layered taste of candy and his or her sex. Develop your sexual palate and elevate it to levels that will have your lover groaning and begging for more. Learn to tantalise and tease with well-selected sexy adult candy and novelty chocolates. Necronomicox stay ahead of the game and bring you the latest and best all the time.

Let Necronomicox help add a sweet edge to your mastery of the game of erotica. Be that unforgettable lover. Test-drive our sexy adult candy and novelty chocolates and perfect your art of seduction. Hook your lovers with Edible Treats and keep them engaged and focused on you. Every serious connoisseur of soft bondage should have a stash of exotic Edible Treats and know how to use them to great sexual effect. Edible treats here at Necronomicox offer fun and exciting treats to your sexual experience with your partner. Edible treats make great gifts or party favors. When added to your bedroom experience with your partner, edible treats can be fun and exciting as well as tasty and enticing. Necronomicox offers an incredible line of edible treats from edible bras and G-strings to edible pouches for men. Edible nipple tassels will get your mouth directly on her nipples enticing her and you at the same time. Edible cock rings are fun and tasty. There is no easier way to get her mouth around your cock then to put an edible gummy cock ring around it. Edible treats make great gifts for brides and grooms or for your wedding party. If you know of new couples just getting together or creating their lives together, starting their sexual journey together. Edible treats can be a fun way to push things along and make them more comfortable with one another. Whether you have been with somebody for many years or you have a new partner, edible treats are a great ice-breaker in your bedroom. Edible treats are also incredible party favors for bachelor parties or for bachelorette parties. Dinner guests will enjoy some of the edible treats we have here at Necronomicox. Never fear offering an after-dinner mint in the shape of a nipple or of a weenie. Your guests will laugh and giggle and be comfortable in your home when you offer them a minty chocolate nipple to enjoy after they've eaten dinner at your house. Edible treats can be fun and silly. Edible treats can also be teasing and tantalizing. Entice your partner by having them lick chocolate body paint off your favorite body part. Tease your partner by dressing in candy edible underwear. Have your partner lick and taste, chew and nibble the candy and treats right off of your body.

Edible treats are fun and exciting in our Bedroom Essentials collection. Here at Necronomicox, you will find edible treats for every occasion or every party or every partner and for every friend. Necronomicox is delighted to ship all of our products directly to your door in discreet packaging. If you happen to be giving an edible gift along with a couple of sex toys to your partner, have no fear, packages will be delivered to your doorstep discreetly so no one will know what the packing is hiding inside. This makes edible treats in your bedroom easy to procure. Ordering from Necronomicox is easy to do. We keep your orders discreet and private. From ordering and billing all the way to shipping and delivery, Necronomicox is proud to offer sex toys, condoms, lubes, lotions, edible body paint, and more to improve, entice, and enhance your sex life. Be sure to check out our entire line of edible treats here at Necronomicox. Mix and match to have the best party favors as well as the most fun.

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