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Fingertip Massagers

Finger vibrators are small but very powerful vibrators with multispeed action. Choose an anal finger rimmer for butt beginners or caress your partner with non-vibrating love fingers with raised pleasure nodules.

Fingertip Massagers are small vibrating or non-vibrating sex toys that either fit onto the finger or have flexible loops that the finger goes through. These vibrating fingers are especially suited to the sex toy novice because of their small size and due to the fact that they offer more control to the user. Finger massagers can also be used as clit vibrators or for stimulating the nipples with. They're also very portable so can easily be tucked into an overnight bag for a weekend away.

Finger Vibrators

Beginners and sex toy enthusiasts alike will agree that these finger vibrators are definitely fun to have. These vibrators are made to be worn on the finger, offering superior precision and control for accurate, targeted yet gentle stimulation. With these worn on your index finger, you will be able to target and please that intimate area that’s been calling for pleasure. You can get straight to the point with minimal effort required.

At, we’ve also included any non-vibrating stimulators that are worn on the finger, so anything that is worn on the finger for the purpose of sexual stimulation can be found in this section.

  • Can be worn around the finger
  • More precise stimulation
  • Vibrating and non vibrating
  • Perfect for solo and couple’s play


Finger Vibrators Sex is like a bridge game; if you have a good hand, no partner is needed! I know what it's like - using my Fingers-cum-clit stimulator for climaxing multiple times only to wind up with a hand cramp. (And I already had that carpal tunnel thing going on.) Don't you think your hand deserves a break? I know mine does!



The finger vibrator not only prevents exhausting your delicate hand muscles but the vibrations provide a hand massage. This is a hidden side benefit to using a finger vibrator! There are so many benefits to using a finger vibrator! Here are several to consider:

  1. While you are astride your partner, one or both of you can be using a finger vibrator on you delicate sweet spot.
  2. Please all of your erogenous zones with this little dynamo: Belly, feet, ears, lips, neck and nipples can go without saying. (But I will say them anyway because they are my favorite!)
  3. They don't get in the way of your erotic couple encounter.
  4. Some can be used in water and some can be used for your g-spot.
  5. Think of their versatility for giving your partner pleasure. Does he have sensitive nipples? Can he handle the vibes on his manhood or package? I bet he can!
  6. They look so different from other toys that you may not have to hide them.
  7. You won't accidentally drop it like you can with some other clit stimulators. Keep the fun going!


You can think of many ways to put this versatile vibrator thru its paces. Here at Necronomicox, we have so many varieties, such as:

  1. Whole hand excitement
  2. Single, double or triple (We aren't talking about baseball here...but perhaps there is balling to be had.)
  3. Nubby finger or smooth vibrators
  4. Dual purpose clit or g-spot vibrators


There's foreplay and then there's fore-foreplay. What comes ahead of foreplay (besides porn)? Shopping for sex toys! When you are looking at a wide array of toys, your mind automatically puts yourself in that position. A finger vibrator is the perfect way to turn your masturbation or couple sex up a notch or five. Get it - five? For five fingers? Sigh, I suck at explaining sexual innuendos. Get your partner in on the shopping fun! They will immediately see the benefit of the fun-for-a-boy- or-a-girl finger vibrator.

Be the top gift-giving trendsetter at the next bridal shower! No one will think to give a finger vibrator as a joke gift (which is not really a joke because the bride will definitely use it). Stimulate your sweet spot with ease for eye-crossing orgasms every time you get in the mood. Don't forget the added bonus: Never have a hand cramp again when you want to make yourself cum three, six, nine, etc. times in a row. Wait no more! You can get your finger vibrator today from Necronomicox! Better still, get two because most of your erogenous zones come in pairs. And don't forget to check out our other vibrators and sex toys for couples for added fun!


Finger Vibrators

When some women travel they like to take their vibrators with them. It is so hard to pack a large rabbit when a finger vibrator can be discretely tucked away in a hand bag. Then there are women whose preference is for finger vibrators only. At Necronomicox we have a great collection to meet the needs and demands of the most discerning women.

Coloured Lady Finger Vibes not only come in a variety of colours, they are small and discrete. You can make this affordable toy hum wildly with a turn of the base, or go back to just a gentle vibration.

Durex is one of the top names in the UK so you would expect them to have an entry into finger vibrators. Play Touch stimulator provides up to 40 minutes of sensual vibrating pleasure. It is extremely quiet, waterproof, reusable and comes with an extra power pod.

Very small but very powerful, the Loving Joy Little Lady Finger Vibrator can be used for external or internal stimulation. The shaft is gently ribbed which is great for heightened sensations, and the head is angled so you can reach the exact spot without effort.

Some women like to make their own music manually. This is when the Lust Fingers come in handy. The pink Lust Finger is ribbed for tingly sensations and the purple is nubbed for more intense pleasure. Share with your lover and let him experiment with giving you some of the best finger action you have ever experienced.

We mentioned that the large rabbits are difficult to pack for trips, but not the Silicone Finger Sleeve Vibe little bunny. Totally waterproof, the jelly silicone finger slide stretches to fit any finger. The rabbit ears are ready to give your clitoris a stimulating work out whenever, wherever. This finger vibrator also comes with extra batteries.

The Screaming O FingO's are available in three unique textures - each FingO offers a different sensation and will achieve maximum results when used simultaneously. Start off teasing with the 'Tingly', then ride the waves with the 'Wavy' and finally bringing it home screaming with the 'Nubby' . It is waterproof and wireless.

Hello Touch Jimmy Jane is the most unique and unusual finger vibrator you will experience. It offers more than three times the power of the most common fingertip vibrators while taking up less than one third the volume. Wear the vibrators on the index finger and forefinger to stroke and explore, or on the thumb and forefinger to grasp and squeeze. Waterproof and washable you can adjust these pads and wear in different ways to trigger different responses.

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