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Maid’s costumes are ideal if you want to wow your partner and feel sexy at the same time or pick out an outfit for a fancy dress party. We stock a range of maid costumes that cover a variety of sizes that all capture the look of a maid or wench in slightly different ways. The traditional image of a maid’s costume is one of black and white. However, not only do we stock traditional maid style costumes, we also offer maid outfits in a range of other colours. Our racier maid costumes come in sheer mesh which leaves little to the imagination. Dress to impress in the bedroom or at a party of your choice.
You won't have to clean up anyone's mess while wearing a sexy Maid costume. From French Maid to Gothic Maid as well as Deviant Housewife Maid costumes, you'll be the one that they clean up after. Add a feather duster and a pair of gloves to make your Maid costume really stand out.

Black and white never looked sexier, especially when you throw in a feather duster. Seduce the boss in one of these Sexy French Maid Costumes, and make him do all the dusting and cleaning instead. After all, just because you look the part doesn’t mean you have to play the part of a French Maid. For other sexy occupations and costume ideas for adults, be sure to also check out our Sexy Chef Costumes, Sexy Cop Costumes, Sexy Nurse Costumes, or Sexy Uniform Costumes.

Maid Costumes

What is it that makes a costume so sexy? Is a real French maid that sexy? The answer is…..

But where did it originate? And why does it drive men so crazy? This popular male fantasy originated from the taboo of being with your maid. He watched her clean his house, but she was off limits.

The French Maid outfit is classic and caters to that male fantasy. The little short black dress with white frilly apron sets any man’s heart afire. Today’s costumes are adorned with vinyl, mesh, chiffon and cotton.

Depending on how sexy you want to be will be determined by the length of your skirt and your shoes. And carry a little feather duster. It will add to the mystique.

Endless Fascination

From the maid in vinyl who is into bondage to the little frilly maid who is her master’s slave, the outfits are endless. There are two piece and one piece varieties to be worn with thigh highs or without, black stiletto heels and maybe even a little headpiece.

These costumes are not just for Halloween. They are a year round costume that women buy to seduce their men in the bedroom. There are teddies and lingerie for just that very purpose. But for those who like to role play, the official costume is a great choice.

One of the most provocative outfits is two pasties that look like tuxedo buttons and a white lacy apron over a thong with white high heels. Men go crazy for this look and simply cannot resist it. Boy oh boy do men go crazy over this outfit. Add a little spice to your evening!


At least once in our life time we get to pretend or to act, and I am not talking about professional actresses. As women, we play different roles in society: we are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, business women and so on. But there comes a moment when we choose to change the ordinary and we become whatever we fantasize. That moment can be a special event: anniversaries, Halloweens, New Year’s Eves… or we can do it just for fun and excitement, on any other night, safe behind our bedroom’s door. And men absolutely love that. If you are smiling now, it means you’ve already tried it or you thought about this.

But what do men prefer most: the sweet & naughty French Maid or the strong & dominator Leather Queen? Why don’t you try them both?

French Maid Costumes, Naughty French Maid Costume sets can turn you overnight into that very naïve, hot looking and French talking woman. Dressed in a tiny, waving, black and white skirt, you can please your man just by wondering around the house. R-r-right, monsieur? Tease him a little bit with that French accent, while you are picking up from the floor his clothes (you know he’s always leaving something there, but this time don’t argue about it). Don’t start cleaning or sweeping now – you are not the housewife anymore! Just move those sexy thighs in front of him. I leave the rest of the story to your imagination.

Add something spicy and new to your bedroom routine by incorporating your favourite fantasy characters and putting a little bit of extra magic through the entire night. Fantasy dress up is perfect for the couples and allows them to wear cute and chic fashion outfits to ignite their deepest desires and make the hottest nights come alive. Add to one’s look by customizing hairstyles and give oneself a full makeover before heading to the bedroom for some fun and games.

For the girls who love to dress sexy on Halloween, they can take their costumes and utilize to intensify their sex appeal in the bedroom environment. The options for fantasy fun are endless. Become whoever you want in the bedroom, and let your partner take your fashion dress literally. If you're in the mood for some very hot bedroom role playing, just put on the sexy black and white French maid bra and panties set and one is assured to experience a night like no other. Whether one acts out a naughty sexual fantasy or simply let the pretty ruffles on the bra do the talking, their lovers won't be able to resist the hot look in this racy bedroom attire.

Browse online for the sexy French maids and butlers costumes from Necronomicox portal. These outfit is definitely ideal for fun and erotic games in the bedroom in that, it is a very seductive waitress outfit that  has its’ cup less bra that has light padding and support under the breasts and is decorated with a white frilly lace and satin ribbon. Bring out the wench in you with the Sexy French Maid Costumes with Stocking and Headband. This black and white set is made out of a shiny black fabric which is decorated with white frilly lace on the border of the double hem and a sexy little white apron has white frill around and so has the neckline and the bodice. Also included in this set are the stocking and headband thus enhancing the flirty outfit, and making it extremely attractive, sassy, more fun and great for role playing on special occasions.

Get many more fantastic French maids products as they come in different sizes and styles depending on what clients desire in these outfits and match them with other sexy toys from Necronomicox and one is assured of no disappointment at all.

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