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MUST READ! Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Glass Butt Plugs

When you think of an ideal butt plug, you want a slick, glossy and exotic toy that adds some elegance to your sexual fancies. Thankfully, sex toy experts have already heard your deep desires and responded with exotic glass butt that add an exciting twist to your anal experience. Glass butt plugs are anal pleasure tools designed for anal training and stimulation. Inserting a glass butt plug trains your butt to take in pressure stimulation or to fit in other objects such as penis or dildo with ease. Most people also enjoy the anal fullness provided by a glass butt plug during masturbation or during sex with a partner; having a butt plug in place when reaching sexual climax makes for a deeper, more electrifying orgasmic experience.

Glass butt plugs are notoriously known for their unique shimmer and glossy feel. They are made of high grade Pyrex (borosilicate) glass which is body safe and durable. They bring some excitement to anal play with their rainbow mimics of light and colour. Prepare yourself for an intense anal play session by adding a shimmering glass butt plug to your foreplay. Once you slip it in, you can look though and see your partner’s anus magnified in tinting club colours. Glass butt plugs are such toys that give you a quiver orgasm just by imagination.  

Whether your motivation is anal pleasure or just training your bum to take in more fuller and larger toys, glass butt plugs are worth a second look when shopping for anal toys.

Benefits of glass as a butt plug material

One of its main benefits is that glass is naturally smooth and soft to touch. As a sex toy material, it makes excellent butt plugs that required very little lubrications to easily slip into your tight backdoor.

Glass is also great at holding temperature. You can easily warm it up by dipping it in hot water for a tingling pleasant heat during penetration. If you love sexual thrills, deep in ice water for some chilling anal wrenching sensations.

Additionally, non-porous and easy to clean, a great advantage for personal hygiene and health reasons. Glass butt plugs are also compatible with all types for anal lubricants from silicone – based to water-based and hybrid. So you can use your favourite lube without worrying about damaging to butt plug.

Things to consider when buying glass butt plugs

The type of glass used on the toy

When it comes to glass butt plugs, most people are afraid that it might crack or break will inside their anus. However, glass butt plugs are made from borosilicate glass which is incredibly sturdy. Commonly found under the Pyrex glass (brand), this type of glass is resistant to breakage. It is also less susceptible to thermal shock which means you can easily clean and sterilize using boiling water, bleach or alcohol. You will enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your glass butt plug will not attract mould or bacteria that risk your health every time you play. Nonetheless, make sure to purchase your toys from trusted brands such as Necronomicox for authentic high-quality glass butt plugs and sex toys.

Pay attention to the butt plug neck

Pay particular attention to the neck of the butt plug to make sure it is thick and strong enough to hold in place. Observe that it is crafted seamlessly from the shaft and ends as a flange and not three pieces (shaft, neck and base) glued together. This will ensure that the butt plug will hold strong and not snap during insertion and extractions.

Take extra caution on decorated glass butt plugs

Some glass butt plugs come in different colour shades to add an elegant twist to its appeal and shimmer. Others have decals and appendages such as flowers, hearts or diamond glitters on the shaft on the base. While these decals are harmless, it is important to be extra cautious. Some crooked manufacturers’ use sheen or metallic coating to colour the top glass of the butt plug instead of pure coloured glass. These products can be highly toxic if absorbed by the body. If you fancy coloured glass butt plugs, make sure the colours and decals are properly melted and sealed into the glass. Look carefully to certify there are no seams on the surface of the shaft surface of the plug. You need to be sure that the decals are secure and won’t fall or break during play.

Tips on Glass Butt Plugs Care

Just like anything used frequently, gradual wear and tear is common on glass butt plug. For personal safety purposes, always give your butt plug a thorough check before use. Pay attention to the neck (stem) as it is the most stressed area of the plug. Avoid dropping your glass butt plug as this may weaken or lead to cracks and chipping on the plug surface, which can be dangerous. In case you notice any damage, it’s time to replace you plug.

When cleaning, use warm water, soap and a disinfectant for thorough cleaning and sterilization. Once clean, dry thoroughly with a non-flaring towel and store in a softly lined butt plug kit till your next play. For as long as you are taking care of it properly, a glass butt plug can serve for a long time before need for replacement.


Where to Buy Genuine High-Quality Glass Butt Plugs

Only purchase for glass butt plugs from reputable sex toy shops and manufacturers. Browse and shop from Necronomicox for a range of high quality glass butt plugs. At Necronomicox, we understand that peace of mind when playing can help relax your muscles and most certainly help you enjoy an epicurean sexual orgasm.  That is why we are extra vigilant and only partner with top brands to deliver you the safest most exhilarating posh glass butt plugs. Invest in one or two glass butt plugs from our Necronomicox glorious collections and turn your anal play to an exotic wonderland of rapturing pleasure. Remember to add to cart some of our high- quality anal lubricants and douches as you spin around. We are your one-stop – shop for posh and erotic sex pleasure tools.

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