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Glass Sex Toys

Glass Sex Toys and Glass Dildos are one of the best sex aids available because they're beautifully crafted, extremely strong, durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Mention a glass dildo to anyone and their reaction will most probably be that it will break easily but this is definitely not the case. Glass sex toys are made of special toughened glass so that they can withstand the most vigorous sex. Each hand-crafted glass sex toy can withstand up to 3000lbs worth of pressure.

Glass Dildos can even be heated up (under running water or in a microwave) or cooled down (under running water or in a freezer) to create a new range of different sexual sensations. The higher price of glass dildos reflects their quality and the fact that they’re designed to last a lifetime.

The glass dildo is one of the most elegant sex toys for women

A glass dildo is almost an artifact. Hard to beat in appearance and feel, cool in appearance and alternating between neutrality and incredible eroticism. Glass has always fascinated people. This material was already used in the Middle Ages to amaze people - just think of the large glass windows of the Gothic cathedrals, which shimmer in all colors and achieve impressive effects. Glass dildos develop a similar effect, especially during sex.

The glass dildo is available in all imaginable colors and therefore meets every taste. Nice feature - it is almost transparent and often decorated. Pimples and unusual applications, all of this can be easily achieved with the material glass. A glass dildo is therefore more than a pure pleasure object, it also stimulates visually and for some that is reason enough to buy one.

Glass dildos are relatively cheap to buy given the offer. You can buy a very good product for a good 20 pounds. The glass dildos are simply constructed, consist of a few basic shapes and therefore always have a somewhat abstract character, which makes them appear very modern. By abstracting the shapes, they even reminiscent of a penis and sometimes it takes a lot of imagination to create this relationship. The simple shapes are designed and arranged in such a way that they stimulate as much as possible. Lined up spherical shapes are particularly effective.

Glass dildos impress with their special material properties

In contrast to the rubber dildo , glass dildos are not flexible at all. That is probably their absolute peculiarity and defines their unique characteristics. Glass is a brittle material, it would burst rather than bend. There is no risk of breakage with the glass dildo. The products always consist of a full body. This is not hollow, but, as the name suggests, completely filled with material, even if it looks like a tube. To break such a glass dildo, a truck would have to drive over it. Such loads are not expected during sex. A glass dildo can easily cope with the gentle or somewhat more intense stimulation.

Glass dildos are of course also available in different sizes. The material does not act as a limiting factor. Whether 3 or 6 cm thick - and up to 40 cm in length everything is possible. The glass dildos do not always have to be straight. As already mentioned, they often consist of compound spherical shapes. If they are modeled on a penis, they can also be made swinging. Here the glass proves its excellent workability. When heated, almost all shapes can be created that remain after curing.

Not least because of this, a glass dildo is a very special object of pleasure. These dildos are really fun. And they look pretty damn good too.



Necronomicox carries beautiful pieces of art that are actually functional mind blowing dildos. Hand-blown glass makes for an exquisite sex toy. With a large selection of glass toys here at Necronomicox, we have the variety that you need with clear glass or colored glass for men and for women used for vaginal stimulation as well as for anal stimulation. If you are looking for exquisite, beautiful glass dildos, you are sure to find what you need here at Necronomicox. These toys are sexy and sleek. They are unyielding, firm, and hard. And glass dildos are non-porous making them very easy to clean. For anyone who may have a latex or silicone allergy, glass is hypoallergenic and safe for your body. Glass toys can be ribbed or come with extra bumps or even clitoral appendages bringing masturbation with glass to an erotic level you may never have imagined. These elegant glass toys could sit on your nightstand or your bookcase. Your guests may never know what these pieces are except beautiful hand blown exquisite art. But when you are alone, and you are wet and ready to cum, these glass toys provide everything you need for a sensual evening. Glass dildos can be chilled in the refrigerator or under some icy water. Cooler toys cause your muscles to contract giving you sensations unlike a normal or typical orgasm. You can also heat up these last toys in the bowl of warm water. Warm glass thrusting inside of you is sensational. Necronomicox understands your body and the needs of your body. Our line of glass dildos come in various shapes and sizes. Different lengths for different pleasures. Curved tips to hit your G-spot. Clitoral stimulation toys. Texture dildos made of glass to make your masturbation experience everything you never dreamed of. These glass toys are aesthetically pleasing but even more than that, the feeling of an unyielding glass dildo inside your vagina or your anal cavity is the feeling that is indescribable. Lube up the glass and slide it in and out of your body for a sensation you can only imagine. Glass dildos at Necronomicox come in multi-colors. Think of what is important to you as you choose the finest in glass dildos. Are you looking for that curved dildo to hit your G-spot? Are you looking for something with external texture to feel against the opening of your vagina or your anus? Are you looking for a rabbit like appendage to stimulate your clit as you thrust it in and out? Add a beautiful piece of art to your bedroom and buy your glass dildo today at Necronomicox. Every order you make with us is always discreet. From ordering to billing and shipping and delivery Necronomicox respects your privacy and understands your sexual desires belong to only you. Buy big glass dildo online. Browse realistic, large, jelly, suction cup, vibrating, double ended, inflatable, glass, small, metal, glass, silicone, jelly, rubber, squirting, anal, fist, lesbian, strap on, fat, vibrating and glass dildos and glass sex toys

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