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Buy Glow In The Dark Sex Toys and Adult Novelties - Dildos, Vibrators, Cockrings

Sex in the dark has some form of appeal to many people for various reasons. The darkness allows you to shed off all your inhibitions and just jump right into the pleasure pond for the time of your life. Due to its efficiency at hiding and concealing any present flaws, darkness is the friend of many a sexual encounter. However, this pitch black rendezvous spot also has the annoying habit of swallowing up the pleasure tools, making you spend precious minutes looking for your sex toy at the risk of losing the sexual rhythm that you had going on. Whether it is for solo sessions or couples play, vibrators make for a great addition to the bedroom scene. However, interruptions are bound to occur as the dildo may slip from your hand or the game may get too intense that the dildo is accidentally knocked out of your hands. During the daytime, the chances of finding the dildo are high as there is enough light to guide your eyes. This becomes a whole different ball game in the dark and this disadvantage is greatly remedied by the existence of the glow in the dark dildo.

Created to provide orgasms at the stroke of a hand, the glow in the dark dildos are beautiful to look at as the colors are chosen for aesthetic appeal as well as the functionality of easy access even in the dark. While playing with your partner, it may be a bit embarrassing when you keep missing the spot while trying to insert the dildo. The glow in the dark dildo ensures that you have some form of visual guidance as they light the way to the intended orifice. Designed for both his and her use, the Basix Rubber Works dildo comes fitted with balls and a suction cup base. The base comes in handy when you want that hands-free penetration scene and your partner is unavailable. With the fitted balls and the realistic veins along the shaft of the dildo, it gives you an experience of pure and utter pleasure plus the added sexy factor of watching the glowing dildo disappear and reappear into you as you stroke yourself to your max. In addition to the dildo, the glow in the dark vibrating bullet is a small portable toy that gets you off at the touch of a button. With variable speeds control, the bullet packs a punch and will have you quivering and feeling totally spent. The glow in the dark feature allows you to locate it in the dark with relative ease and gives you a delightful view when you use it on your partner and you get to watch as they quiver in tune with the vibrating glow.

Necronomicox offers you a choice between a dildo and a vibrating bullet, although having both is a great decision that allows you to participate in a glowing double penetration sex play bound to make you feel totally overwhelmed by the orgasms that will ensue. Buy glow in the dark sex toys and adult novelties at Necronomicox, UK's favourite ❤️sex shop. ✈️FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £50. Over ❤️5,000 5-STAR RATED sex toys. ❤️ DISCREET BILLING & PACKAGING! Browse the best glow in the dark dildos, vibrators, cockrings, men's fleshlights, condoms and sexy adult novelty gifts.

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