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House of Eros Range


House of Eros Wide Red Lace-Up Leather O-Ring Slave Collar

Size Guide

Complete your Tribal range and raise the tempo with the built for wider look (45mm deep) adjustable stunning red leather tribal collar. The House of Eros Wide Red Lace-Up Leather O-Ring Slave Collar is classy and warmly bathed in succulent red-hot tones. Offering a firm grip and wider depth the collar has easy lace up fastening. It comes with a swivel ring attached and is easily cleaned by wiping down. It tastefully combines functionality and aesthetics. Adjust the laces and let the pressure determine the distance travelled by the waves of interchangeable pain and pleasure and soaking vibrations and fever pitch elements of stimulation. This is a whole new world of straying from the boredom of pain-free sex to the butt and toe-clenching ecstasy of the enslaved neck and limited movement right through to irresistible combustible sexual pleasure. The continuous cycle of the varying sensations that can be drawn out through manipulating this collar makes this bondage toy well worth buying. It is pleasing to the eye and erotically exciting to the mind. It is exhilarating and endowed with numerous amorous possibilities and only your imagination can chart that erotic course. This is a “mystery” toy whose rewards dangle superb orgasm for the brave. It offers flexibility in the kind of bondage games you can play. This is a BDSM toy that makes a bold and flattering fashion statement.

Specifications of House of Eros Wide Red Lace-Up Leather O-Ring Slave Collar

Length : 13.5 Inches
Fastening : Lace up
Washing : Wipe down
Diameter : 1.75 Inches
Colour : Red
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : House of Eros Range
Size : 13.5 Inches

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