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MUST READ! Full Guide: How to Buy Inflatable Dildos

You started dating this guy you so much like and it’s amazing. Then you decide to give him the cookie, and things quickly got haywire. He has a 4-girth penis which can barely fit into you vagina. Or maybe you just want to spice things up in the bedroom by adding some anal sex to your games. An inflatable dildo might be the new BFF you so much need.

An inflatable dildo is a versatile and adaptable sex toy that can be used to train both your vaginal and anal muscles to handle something large without pushing you out of comfort and fun. They are ideal for individuals who like a sense of fullness sensation in the pussy or ass. They are also useful in anal training in preparation for insertion of large objects such a penis or larger sex toy. Simply lubricate and insert into your desired destination and pump it up until you reach your desired stretch and satisfying fullness. If you so wish, you can go a little overboard and let in some discomfort, but not pain. Pain means you are injuring your rectal tissues. We also recommend that you have two inflatable dildos (For Vagina and Anal) if you like plays on both sides.

Before inflation, an inflatable dildo is just like any other traditional dildo. So, if you like flying solo, pump yourself up for extra stimulation, play naughty, inflate for fullness and deflate for some rough deep thrusts. Let your body dance to the rhythm of pleasure and gift yourself a toe-curling orgasm, you deserve it.

Things to consider when buying Inflatable Dildos

Where you need to use it

You need to determine where you need to use your Inflatable dildo. If you want to use for vaginal expansion and G-spot stimulation, you want one with a soft but firm girth and slightly curve. If you want it for anal and prostate stimulation, you want one with a well- defined flange to make sure it doesn’t go further than intended. It also needs to be made from a nonporous (if possible), easy to clean material because the anus if very sensitive.

Length and Girth

You want to think about the length and girth of your dildo. Some inflatable dildos are designed to increase in both length and girth once inflated. Check the size measurement of the product for before and after inflation to make sure you have the right size. For beginners, we recommend you start small and work your way up. However, advanced sex toy users who love deep penetrations and the filled- up sensation can go for longer lengths and wider girths.


Inflatable dildos come in different shapes designed to satisfy your wildest sensual fantasies. We at Necronomicox recommend you start with a small, smooth dildo if you are a beginner. However, the masters, feel free to be creative and get a realistic, ridged or bumped inflatable dildo get sweet spot in style and produce waving fullness and orgasms.

Material used

Inflatable dildos are mostly made from semi- rigid materials to provide both firmness and elasticity during inflation. Most common materials used are hybrids of silicone, rubber, jelly, or other cyber skin materials. Some of these materials are porous while others are nonporous. Depending on whatever material you choose, make sure it is easy to clean and sterilize. We also strongly discourage sharing of inflatable dildos for health and hygiene purposes.

Dildo Base

Pay attention to the base of your dildo, especially if it’s for anal play. You don’t want it inserting more than your liking in the middle of a heated penile thrusting session with your partner. The base also gives you control over the toy during solo play as you have a strong grip when thrusting.

Lubricant to use

 You need to check your dildo material make-up to know which lubricants should be used. At Necronomicox, we recommend using water- based lubricants because they are compatible with all type of toys. However, if you prefer silicone-based or hybrid lubricates, make sure your dildo is not made or silicone or silicone hybrid material. We will always list which lube is compatible with each toy on our elaborate Necronomicox sex toy portfolio.

How to use Inflatable Dildos

For Vaginal Stimulation

This is actually very straight forward. Clean and disinfect the inflatable dildo before use. Apply some lubricant on the dildo and gently slide into the vagina. You don’t need to use so much lubricant as the vagina is self-lubricating. Then pump the dildo to increase the girth until your desired fullness. If you are not flying solo, let your partner please you by deciding how much fullness you deserve. However, communicate during play in case you need them to pump more or loose so air for a perfect fullness.

For Anal Stimulation

This required a little more preparation and relaxation to make the experience smooth and pleasurable as possible. Clean both your anal cavity and the inflatable dildo. Use plenty of lubricant; we suggest you use a lube applicator syringe to fill your rectum with lubricant for a smooth insertion and removal. Relax the sphincter muscle with a soft massage and gradually insert the uninflated dildo until all the Insertiable length is in or you attain a sufficient depth. Now pump until you reach ecstasy of fullness. Or if with a partner, inflate a little and let them trust you for deep prostate milking. Then just before climax, pump it to the fullest of your girth for explosive fiery orgasm that will fly you to the dark depths of eroticism.

Pump up your sexual life and increase the intensity of your sensations with an inflatable dildo from Necronomicox. Our inflatable dildos come in exciting colours, sizes and shapes; some doesn’t even resemble anything you have thought of before. Spice up your sex life and the quality of your orgasms with inflatable dildos and check our exciting range of sex toys you need to add into you collection.

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