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The nipples are part of the list of the erogenous zones in a woman’s body and for good reason. With multiple nerve endings, the nipple responds to changes in its environment almost instantaneously as is evidenced by erect nipples on a cold day. Nipples are a great indicator of arousal as they perk up when you are experiencing sexual delight during foreplay. However, most of the time the nipple do not get the attention they need as the foreplay is done with the bare minimum effort out of routine as opposed to intentional focus on the chest area. The amount of nipple pleasure is proportional to the pressure applied and while some prefer feather light nipple play, others are more aroused when the nipples are subjected to some pain. Experience with different people ensures that no one can understand your preference on the first try and this becomes frustrating as you may not get the nipple play that you so crave to get off.

In response to the growing number of disappointed nipples comes the nipple vibrator. This toy is designed to ensure that your nipples are understood and given the specialized attention that they need for your overall satisfaction in the bedroom. The nipple vibrators are essentially nipple clamps with different clamping pressure settings, from light to the painful areola pressure. This clamping sensation drives bolts of tingling pressure up and down your spine and you can slightly twist the clamps for an extra jolt or two if you so require. Once the clamps are in place, the multispeed setting allows you to choose the vibration that will ensure you get the best out of the toy. With a slow speed, the vibrations are deliberate and you are able to ride each wave of pleasure as it engulfs your body. When the setting is at high speed, the jolts of pleasure come one after the other and you are barraged by the waves, making you wanton with desire and unable to catch a break for as long as the nipples stay stimulated.

Necronomicox stocks up this perfect toy as it allows for the total involvement of the nipples in the foreplay, enabling you to reach the desired level of sexual arousal that takes you to the very edge of insanity. With the versatility of this nipple vibrator, the nipple pressure settings can be adjusted at whim to match your needs at that moment in time without having to change the nipple clamps. The nipple vibrator can also be used in other sensitive body parts to excite you, including slightly tracing the clamps over your entire body to send mini shockwaves throughout your body. This toy may be simple in design and use but it is very useful when it comes to achieving a rich and fulfilling foreplay session. Foreplay lays the groundwork for the ultimate sexual experience and with the nipple vibrator guaranteeing success in every foreplay session, this toy may as well be the difference between great and phenomenal sexual experience. Buy the best nipple vibrators for men and women at Necronomicox. Choose from vibrating nipple clamps, heated vibrating nipple vibes, breast massagers.

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