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There is nothing more amazing than eating your way up to a vagina or licking every inch of a cock slowly and carefully, taking into detail every bit of it. It is way more fun and eventful that the normal way of having a sex session.  Novelty and edible underwear from Necronomicox will definitely blow his or her mind. Have him wear these incredible tasty banana flavoured edible underwear while you tease and tantalize him out of them. And licking and sucking has never been more fun and amazing than tasting their briefs before his cock even enters your mouth or vagina. Incredibly fun and silly sex enhances and entices you and your partner bringing you closer together more than ever before.

Edible treats from Necronomicox come in many varieties. They also come in all the tantalizing flavours depending on what a client prefers most and regards to taste amazing. Edible underwear like the Male Edible Banana Flavoured Undies is totally fun and sweet. Adding edible underwear to your for play creates a layer of soft laughter giggles and sensual tantalizing teases. Keeping your partner turned on with your underwear still on will be enticing and sexy. Giving your partner something to lick and taste will create an incredibly hot mood between the two of you.

Edible underwear is a fun addition to your bedroom action. Generate your own foreplay game by wearing edible underwear and having your partner lick them off of you. For role playing, you can pretend these underwear or not edible and have your partner force them off of you with their teeth licking, tasting, sucking, and chewing until they are either gone and eaten leaving you naked and ready or until they come off of you. Edible underwear gives the opportunity for incredibly fun and creates a whole mood of intimacy through the sensual games to play with your partner.

Necronomicox have an extensive novelty gifts and novelty toys collections. If you are looking for the perfect naughty gift for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party or the perfect gift for the couple that you know looking to spice up their sex life, edible undies are a great place to start. Check out the entire selection of novelty gifts and edibles to set the mood for the perfect night. Your novelty underwear or your edible sex toys will arrive in a discreet package directly on your doorstep.

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