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Packers and packing underwear are another way to carry a strap-on in all the right places. If you don't know yet the benefits of a strap-on, be sure to check out the entire line of strap-ons here at Necronomicox. Packers and packing underwear is another way to keep your dildo packed with you and ready for action. These brief like or boxer like harnesses have discreet panels that feel and fit more like undergarments rather than strappy harnesses. Discreet panels inside these packing underwear accommodate a dual penetration dildo for your pleasure as well as the O-ring available to accommodate the dildo for your partner's pleasure. Packer gear dildos come and various options and sizes. These packing underwear sets make your Packer gear interchangeable. Wear this underwear throughout the day, pull out your packing gear in all the appropriate places, and have fun whenever you and your partner are ready. These packing underwear come in different shapes and sizes, boxer briefs or briefs for women. You are able to choose the size and the style that best fits your body and your needs. Start your day wearing Packer briefs and end your day still wearing the same Packer briefs yet using the toys inside for your pleasure as well as the pleasure of your partner. Packer briefs hold your Packer gear in place until you are ready for your Packer gear to come out and play. These novelty briefs put fun in a whole new package. The discreet two panels and rings mean Packer gear briefs accommodate two toys for dual penetration. These briefs are stretchy and soft and comfortable. They secure your Packer gear in place so you can bring them out whenever you would like to fuck. Packer gear is also very popular in the world of transgender couples. If you are looking to create a look while you transition, Packer gear might be for you. If you are just looking for a little added fun, Packer gear is most definitely for you as well. Check out our entire line of Packer briefs as well as Packer gear to keep discreetly inside your Packer briefs until you are ready for it to come out and play. Here at Necronomicox your identity, as well as your sex toys, are your personal business. We keep your orders discreet through the moment when packaging arrives at your doorstep. Our packaging and our delivery is always discreet. We respect your privacy and your right to be whomever you are and play however you would like to play. Buy packers and packing underwear at Necronomicox UK online sex shop.

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