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Cami Sets - Cami is short for "camisole" and is also another very popular lingerie type. Cami sets are usually stretchy and form fitting, with thin straps and no defined bra cups. A cami set usually includes a cami top and a matching thong, panty or g-string. Camis are flattering for many bodytypes and flexible for many sizes. They are often a good choice if you are not sure of bra size.


Camisoles are a woman’s best friend when it comes to the selection of the simplest of bedroom attire. Sexy and elegantly simple, camisoles have been around since the 19th Century and you understand the reason why they are so timeless when you see them worn by a mannequin through the display window and you cannot resist the urge to get your hands on a set. Camisoles are so diverse in material and design that there is no way you will ever get bored of these novelty items as designers have ensured that camisoles come in some complicated intricate designs that are guaranteed turn on your partner and get the mood flowing. The lacy camisole is the ultimate sexy lingerie piece that transforms your body into a sexy silhouette that makes the whole experience seems like a totally mysterious event that excites everyone present. It draws in your partner like a moth to the flame as sex appeal seems to ooze off of you and directly into him or her.

The camisole is not only for the benefit of your partner as satin camisole softly caress the skin making it feel like soft feathers are being rubbed all over your torso. The satin is bound to caress your nipples ever so lightly with every movement, keeping your nipples at attention and straining against the fabric, making the sight of you a guarantee of a major boner alert. Camisoles can be paired up with a set of high heels to give the allure of a seductive mistress out to conquer the partner with some sexy show stopping moves. The camisoles are so versatile they can be worn as dresses for those nights out that you want to send out the clear message that the dinner is not the only meal that is on the menu. See through camisoles are all the rage and the game has been upped by the introduction of camisoles with the open nipple area. This allows easy access of the areola, allowing your tits to receive some tender loving care without having to remove the whole camisole.

The camisole is a sophisticatedly simple lingerie piece that can be integrated into any outfit and used as a subtle seduction tool without the risk of showing too much. A bra that accentuates your boobs under the camisole adds to your overall allure and sends out powerful and subtle sparks to your mate, all the while maintaining an aura of innocence and feigned shyness.

Made to be enjoyed by all women, camisoles come in plus size, ideal for those who believe sexy is in all shapes and sizes and being a little thicker than most is not a disadvantage but a chance to showcase all your sexy in a single piece of lingerie. Necronomicox has a collection of the camisoles that will wrap your frame in fabric sensuality and get you to strut with the self-expression of a woman not afraid to unleash the curves and dazzle with the performance worthy of an award. Buy women's plus size camisoles, slips, tank tops & vests at Necronomicox sexy lingerie boutique. Browse designer plus size camis & vest tops today! 

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