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Halloween is the one night of the year when you can set your alter ego free. Are you harboring a good witch inside of you? A fairy tale queen? A flirtatious school girl, perhaps? No matter which identity you wish to showcase this year, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to create the look at Necronomicox.

Once upon a time, Halloween costume selections were limited to those who fit within a very narrow size range, but now the market has expanded to include plus size costumes that represent a myriad of creative looks. Whether you’re searching for a plus size sexy costume that’s all about short hemlines and sky-high heels, or a more demure plus size costume that’s heavy on the fun factor, you’ll definitely be able to find a costume to fit your style.

But why stop at just one? You never know where the year may take you, and it never hurts to have a multitude of plus size sexy costumes on hand and ready to go!

Adult Fantasy Costumes

Adult Costumes come in numerous mind boggling styles and kinds. Whether you are looking for something extremely sexy, such as Lingerie, or something with more of a common theme, like a pirate costume, or even a French maid costume, market has something for everyone. You can even browse on net for adult costumes in the privacy of your home. With the kind of options that are available in the market everyone will surely find their adult costume which truly reflects their fantasy. If you are the kinds who love to try out different things then you can dress up as kitty cat to attract your partner. And if you prefer something sweet and nice then you can dress up in a bunny costume for spicing up your love life. A naughty school girl dress is also an amazing option. Personal taste is an important factor when you shop for your adult costumes. A more conservative woman may be in search of a simple, good quality adult costume, whereas a more experimental woman may opt for a more sensual costume.



Most of the ladies out there believe they need to have the perfect small bodies to fit into any sexy costume. At Necronomicox, we totally disagree with such an illusion, sexiness is not all about the body figure or body size, it is all about embracing confidence and unleashing the fearless bold woman within. Necronomicox are here to help all the curvy plus size ladies out there to let go of all inhibitions that hold them down and prevent them from having fun in being fearless and confident in costumes they wear. Sexiness is therefore not always about figure and body size, but it is the power that exudes from within and captures all those who come into contact with your powerful aura and undeniable confidence.

 Costumes have always been confined to parties and Halloween shenanigans, but some costumes are way too great to only pop up once or twice in a period of just one year. Sexy costumes are not always supposed to have a meaning that can be understood but all they have to do is make you bigger than life and coupled with sexual innuendos that anyone would throw at their partners, the costume elevates your sexiness and brings more meaning to attractiveness to a whole new level. Seduction is the simplest of games that begins with the intense visual appeal to capture your audience, allowing you to have their undivided attention. A great costume that helps you achieve this effect with ease is the body stocking.

Sexy costumes are a great addition to the sex playground as they give substantial confidence and authenticity to the role plays and the seductive sessions. Making it look like you came prepared for the greatest time of your life, costumes add appeal and enthusiasm, letting you and your partner tap into your most sexy selves for a play time like no other.

Necronomicox offers the sheer body stocking in plus size to ensure that you get the chance to tap into your sexy wild side with ease on those days that you crave a session of sensual seduction without stark nakedness. Make a choice of investing in this piece of clothing that helps you embrace every curve by enclosing every inch of your frame in sheer sexiness. Buy plus size lingerie costumes, bedroom costumes, sexy plus size role play costumes, adult plus size dress up games, fantasy costumes, naughty plus size costumes at Necronomicox.

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