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From foreplay to oral sex to penetration, vaginal or anal, there are so many ways of spicing up every sexual encounter no matter how simple it may be. The Necronomicox shop is an all-inclusive sex domain with products that not only enhance your sexual experience, but also those that enable you to overcome your problem areas in the bedroom. Sex creams, oils and gels encompass a wide variety of uses and whatever you are thinking of doing sexually; there is a product that will enhance the experience tenfold, allowing you to reach orgasmic bliss.

Orgasms are not always the ultimate goal for everyone. For some, the chance to connect intimately through touch enables you to feel complete and this is all you crave. For you soulful lovers, massage creams and oils are available to help you touch and ease the pressure points of your partners, and with the various aromas present, your bodies and bedrooms will also have the benefit of obtaining a delightful scent. Kissable body paints allow you to explore each other’s bodies and because they smell great and taste great, tongue exploration becomes an experience like no other.

Oral sex is always a great way to elevate your partner’s sexual experience. However, deep throat is not for everyone as gag reflexes range from highly sensitive to almost no gag reflex at all in some people. To remedy this, a numbing spray has been unveiled that gets rid of the pesky gag reflexes and ensures you slobber up your partner’s meat until kingdom come, making oral sex an activity to look up to as both of you participate fully and with greater enthusiasm.

Masturbation has always been done using jelly, lotion or lube and for the most part that has been sufficient. However, masturbation gel revolutionizes beating one out in the shower. As opposed to soaps and shower gels which wash away fast, the masturbation gel allows you to take your time as the gel lasts longer. This also makes shower sex so much more fun as you can simultaneously stimulate each other without the worry of running out of soap.

At Necronomicox, we try to have everything that you need to play better and to give you options when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom. Some of our best creams, oils and gels include; scented massage oils, flavored dick creams, anal lubrication oils, body paint, libido enhancers, masturbation gels and numbing sprays. Each category has more than one option, providing you with an array of products that are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. These experience enhancers go a long way in providing partners with satisfactory sex lives by boosting performance and making sex an activity to look forward to as there is always something new to try, and boredom becomes a foreign concept in the bedroom. Whatever you feel needs improvement in your sex life, be it anal stimulation, oral stimulation or self-stimulation, just browse through these products and you are guaranteed to find the one that will change your life. Browse arousal oils and creams, sex creams, sexual pleasure creams below.

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