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Sometimes called “lube shooters,” sex lubricant applicators are practical tools for making intercourse more comfortable, but this is no reason why they can’t also be fun. They look like gynecological equipment, and we wouldn’t judge you if you found this a little bit exciting. After all, these practical little devices have a mechanical look that may feed into your clockwork/steampunk/robot role-plays. Disclaimer: Before using these products, be sure to read all the package directions carefully.

What Are Sex Lubricant Applicators?

Quite simply, sex lubricant applicators let you apply your favorite lube in a fairly tidy way. Although it can be fun to apply the lube by hand, sometimes you want to lubricate a body part that isn’t so easy to reach. You may simply use the lube applicator to lube those hard-to-reach places, either applying it to yourself or to a partner.

How Do I Use a Sex Lubricant Applicator?

Fill the applicator with your lubricant of choice. Insert it where you’d like the lube to go and depress the plunger. Remove the applicator and set it aside. The lube remains safely inside the applicator until the plunger is pressed. It won’t drip on you, your partner, the bedsheets, automobile upholstery, etc. Handily, sex lubricant applicators come in different colors. This makes it easier to “color code” them with multiple partners so that each partner has their own color.

When Do I Use a Sex Lubricant Applicator?

You can use a lube applicator for vaginal or anal intercourse. Applicators feature a slim “injector” piece designed to fit comfortably in the vagina or anus. The applicator does not stay in place, but is removed immediately after the application of the lube. You can use sex lubricant applicators for penetrative sex with toys or with a penis. They’re quite popular for use in anal play.

What Kinds of Lubes Can I Use With an Applicator?

Sex lube applicators are designed to be used with all types of lubricants, including creams and oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based personal lubricants.

Are These Applicators Re-Useable?

Yes. Lube applicators are designed to be cleaned and re-used.

How Do I Clean Sex Lubricant Applicators?

For your health and safety and that of your partner(s), be sure to thoroughly clean and sterile your lube applicator after each use. (And we do mean EACH use, even on the same day with the same partner.) Read the cleaning recommendations from the manufacturer of each individual product, but in general, applicators can be cleaned with hot water and an antibacterial soap. After cleaning, simply allow your applicator to air-dry before you store it.

Can I Store Lube Applicators With My Other Sex Toys?

We suggest you store your sex lube applicators separate from silicone and latex toys to prevent possible reactions between the materials. Separating them with a piece of cloth, cardboard, or paper should be sufficient.

Will the “Shooter” Mechanism Wear Out Over Time?

The mechanism may wear out over time, depending on how frequently you use it. Because the pieces are plastic, it is also possible for them to crack. You might have to periodically refresh your supply of sexual lubricant applicators. Buy sex lubricant applicators for applying sex lubes to your desired body parts and sex toys. Buy a sex lube applicator today.

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