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Practical Guide: How to Buy Spanking Paddles For Bondage

The fact that you are reading this means you have already savoured the sting sensation of hand-to-bum sensation and want more. Mostly used as a warm up sensation for deep penile action, you already know spanking is fun and exciting on its own. Sometimes you can even cum from all that stingy and thuddy spanking sensation.

Yet when incorporate into role play, it gets even more exhilarating. Imagine a teacher and naughty student play, or a misbehaving slave being punished for disrespecting orders. Those moments when you are restraints in a bend-over position and spanked till your butt is red hot. Your body so aroused you feel like you are actually on fire. If you are the paddler, the aesthetical view of your bottom’s butt given for you to torture and pleasure. Their tears and moans just working to excite you even more. Your erection hardening with every spank you deliver. Both of you coming out so exhausted with pleasure all you can do is rest.

Such are the scenes delivered by a nice high-quality spanking paddle. But to get one that delivers to your imagination, there are a few things you must consider.

Choosing Spanking Paddles

Define you Sensation Preference

Just because it’s a paddle doesn’t mean they are all equal. Different types of paddles deliver varying sensations. Some will tantalise your skin and leave a stingy sensation. Some will feel like deep muscle massage, whereas others will be maddeningly painful. Before purchasing any paddles, define what kind of sensation you prefer and discuss it with your partner. You will also need to read product reviews to know what other people say about the sensations delivered by the paddles of your interest.

Consider the Intensity

The size, shape and overall construction of a paddle determine what kind of intensity it delivers. If the surface areas is large, the impact is distributed around you bum making it less painful. But the thinner the paddle surface, every strike tends to be felt much more intensely because it is delivered on a smaller area.

On the other hand, thinner paddles tend to leave marks that may last a few days. There are also some designs crafted to increase intensity my pinching or piercing the skin. Depending on your pain threshold and dosage delivered, every sensation will be orgasmic.

Know Your Materials

Paddles are made from a wide variety of materials ranging from leather, fur, rubber, silicone, wood, metal among others. Different materials and textures can increase or decrease the intensity of the paddle. Fluffy and padded materials deliver a teasing and tantalising sensation without any pain. Soft and flexible materials such as rubber, leather and silicone have more of a stingy sensation. The intensity delivered will vary depending on the force applied during strike. Hard and rigid materials such as wood and metal provide a deep thuddy sensation that can be extremely painful.

Pick one that appeal to your sensation needs and intrigues to your fetish fantasies. If your role play games are master/slave, does a soft shiny leather or metal paddle best suit the scene? Or you want something more modern- looking? Be free to feed your fetish.

While you choose the materials, you also need to consider the cleaning processes involved to preserve hygiene and quality of your paddle. And in the case you plan to share your paddles with more than on partner, always go for non-porous easy to clean materials to prevent spread of infections.

Contemplate on the Handle

Sometimes the limits to spanking are not how much your bottom can handle. It’s the Dom’s inability to deliver with the desires force, intensity and period required. The hand swings can and does cause exhaustion and discomfort. While paddles are supposed to deliver impact without much effort, the handle determines how well you grip the paddle when spanking. Some handles have too small or too large handles, preventing a nice firm hold. Others are flat or excessively slick making it difficult to swing without throwing the paddle across the room. Choose a handle that will be comfortable to hold. Read the reviews to find out which handles are most comfortable.

Consider Special Features

While you might be seeking pain, from time to time, a soft fluffy soothing will be most welcome. Consider buying dual paddles with one side furred while the other is hard and rigid. You may also want to invest in other features such as E-stim paddles or imprint paddles for the extra stimulation.

Consider Discretion

Sometimes, you may want to bring your toys along as you travel. While most countries are open and welcoming to sexual knickers, there are those that still find vanilla sex the only acceptable. Sexual products or toys are not even allow past customs and can lead to sexual harassment. So if you like traveling, you want a paddle that is small enough to fit into the make-up pouch. Or even consider a paddle that is extremely discreet it looks nothing like a paddle such as knopper or a reinforced ruler.

Spanking Safety Tips

Spanking is fun and erotic, but safe play is crucial if the practice is to be fully enjoyed.

  • Only play spanking with someone you trust. Discuss boundaries with your partner and establish a safe word before play.
  • Don’t hit the spine, ribs, stomach, face, neck, joints or other areas with vital organs and blood vessels. Concentrate on the butt and upper thighs as they are naturally padded.
  • Avoid sharing paddles made from porous materials with multiple partners. This risks spread of bacterial infections.
  • Be respectful and responsible for your partner. Sometime, bottoms can slip into subspace during play. Nurse their injuries if any and reassure them with a cuddle or a hug to bring them to reality and increase intimacy.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing spanking paddles, dive into Necronomicox and claim your paddles today. Choose from our wide collection of leather, wood, metal, silicone, fluffy spanking paddles designed to give you just the right dose of pain and pleasure. Spank like a pro, buy and use spanking paddles from Necronomicox and pleasure your lover to body burning eroticism. Happy Spanking Games!

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