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There are many misconceptions that Anal Sex is only enjoyed by gay men or deviants. This has resulted in many heterosexual men who indulge in it with their women but who are curious or knows they desire anal play not exploring it. So they deprive themselves out of fear that others will think that he must really be gay or have homosexual tendencies, which is a total fallacy.

Why Wear A Tail Butt Plug ?

Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug SmallWearing a tail butt plug is a form of adult sexual entertainment role play or fantasy in which men or women pretend to be a dog, dragon, horse or more commonly pony (a pet for their master if you will) while their choice sexual partner pretends to be the Master or Trainer (known as the Top or Dom). The Animal participant (also known as the Bottom or Sub) takes their role play very seriously. Prancing around and pretending to to be the animal in question, dogs wiggle their tails, ponies canter around and cats purr and rub against their masters legs.

Often fantasy or elaborate attire / costumes are often worn to enhance the effect. A common addition is harness straps, often attached to the wearers head like a bridle comprising a headstall, bit inserted in the mouth and reins, which allow a doggy position style pose. Another common one are headdresses which include imitation animal ears or plumage on the head from fancy dress or fetish store. These components combined with the Tail Butt Plug provide a sense of bondage and heighten the sexual sensations immensely for both the animal and their master.

If the animal has pierced nipples, these nipple rings are frequently attached by chains, providing further stimulation of the nipples during the fantasy.

A typical session may include training, in which the animal is trained to sit, lie or roll over for dogs, to trots around the master like a horse. During training an animal will often choose to be naught or misbehave. A disobedient or naughty animal needs to be correct which may be whipped, reigned in, spanked or shouted at, A well behaved animal on the other hand must be rewarded with petting, pleasure or however it appropriate.


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Pleasure is a psychological and physical game. And bringing out your animal instincts to the, bedroom can set the stage for a body- jerking sexual excitement never dreamt.

If you are thinking about more mystical and astonishing animal pleasure plays, think a tail butt plug. These kinds of butt plugs have a long simulated animal tail attached to the base. Such that when inserted, the plug gives the impression that the wearer has an actual tail. Imagine your butt adored with a sweet foxy or pony tail. It’s a chic wildly visual that entices to you to body quivering, ass burning arousal.

Besides stretching and fullness stimulation, tail butt plugs are commonly used in bondage play or as fetish plugs because they are designed to unleash the animistic desires on both male and female fetishes.

Tail butt plugs are made for high erotic foreplay. Wear it around the house during a private date or nude party. And let your significant other savour the psychological torture of teasing animal instincts for a butt clenching sexual experience. Spice up your bondage play with a tailed butt plug. As the dominant, bond your submissive and insert a fox, cat or bunny tail butt plug into their anus. With the right fullness, let the tail brush against their sensitive butt areas for a nice erotic tickle as you play other exciting games. Every jerk and twist of the body becomes a constant reminder of their submissiveness and psychologically arouses you even more.

Things to Consider When Buying A Tail Butt Plug

Consider the Size

Anal play is all about pains and pleasures of fullness and stimulation. And choosing the right size can significantly intensify your level of stimulation. Most animal butt plugs come in medium sizes, which make them a no zone for novices. If you really want to own one and your anus is not yet ready for medium sizes, get anal trainers kit from Necronomicox to prep your anus for an animal instinct night out with your partner.

Consider the Material

Tailed butt plugs material will influence your stimulation in several ways. Some materials such as silicone, rubber and jelly are soft to the touch and comfortable for long time wear. Other materials such as glass, metal, and ceramic are aesthetically gorgeous. They add glamour and sophistication to the already enticing tail butt plug. Always go for materials that are body safe, non-porous and easy to clean.

Silicone, glass, metal, and ceramic are non-porous, easy to clean and sterilized. However, they tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, rubber, jelly, TPR and PVC are softer to the touch and considerably affordable. The downside is that they are porous so difficult to fully sterilize. Some might also cause latex allergies.

Consider the Colour of the Tail

The reason most people use tail butt plug is to add some visual excitement and wildness to the anal play. Most tail butt plugs come in different colours from real animal prints to other exciting colours. Choose a colour that compliments your type of play whether BDSM, solo or long-term wear. Dig deep into your anal fantasies and dress for the most erotic moments of your life. Bright up your backdoor and relish anal stimulations of a lifetime.

Consider a Detachable Tail

Most butt plugs come with the tail firmly glued on the base of the plug. However, there are those made with detachable tails for easy cleaning. If you like furry and faux hair tails, a detachable tail would be a great aspect to help you in the cleaning process.

Tail Butt Plugs Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to playing with these exotic plugs, there are a few things you need to consider to preserve their durability and elegance.

Clean Up your Anus Thoroughly

The moment you choose to play with tail butt plugs, you commit to a hygienic routine that must be done with exquisite thoroughness. Faecal content can be very hard and definitely not fun to clean when they get in contact with the furry or hairy tail. Invest in a douching or enema systems to making anal cleaning more thorough and pleasurable. 

 Always Use The Right Lubricant

Check manual to see which lubricants should be used with your plug. Necronomicox will always list the lubricant compatibility on the product portfolio. If the lubricant is not specified, we recommend you use water-based lubricants as they are compatible with all toys. Using the wrong type can damage the surface of your plug. Avoid oil based lubricants especially if your tail butt plug is furred or hairy.

 Don’t Use The Tail To Remove The Plug

While the tail is firmly glued to the base of your plug, pulling them may cause splitting which will definitely ruin its appearance. Pull it off from its flared base or loops (if it has any). Be gentle even if the play is rough to avoid hurting yourself or your partner.

Don’t Wash Tail Butt Plugs in Washing Machines

This especially applies for hair or furry tail butt plugs because the machine turning and pressing can degrade the appearance and natural feel of the tail. Follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. However, if this is not indicated, just wash in warm soapy water or use a sex toy cleaner. You can also use a mild conditioner on the hair or fur to make them stay soft. You want to preserve the natural bouncy look of the toy for more sexy wild plays.

Where to Buy Quality Tail Butt Plugs

Buying quality tail butt plugs can be challenging. You want a guarantee that both the tail and plug are made from the highest quality materials. You also want a customer support that works and is ready to guide you through the purchasing, shipping and proper use. Necronomicox is an online sex toy committed to delivering just that. Our goal is to provide you the best quality and exciting gears you need to feed your animal your fantasies. Browse our website and fill up your cart with every tail that dazzles your mind. Also check out our Necronomicox bedroom essential collections for other anal accessories such as douches, enema, lube applicators and toy cleaners to make your play even more eloquent.


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