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Women’s Briefs and Boyshorts

There has always been a long standing debate as to whether women should choose comfort over sexy or sexy over comfort. The word comfort in the female universe is synonymous with boring and boring is not something most people want to associate with. In the underwear universe, the ultimate boring is when briefs come into the picture. Briefs are associated with extreme comfort and this in turn does not elevate its status in the world of sex. Focus has been put on underwear items that make the mind immediately switch to kinky mode. Boyshorts do not fare better either as they are mistakenly assumed to be the choice of underwear for the tomboys of the world. However, this could not be far from the truth as there are sexy briefs and boyshorts. While they are not outright called boyshorts, the design and premise is basically the same.

First off are the seamless bumless sexy lace briefs, knickers designed with the sole intention of ensuring that your ass is up for grabs. These briefs are made for the ultimate sexual experience, enjoyed by those with a knack for spanking, those who like anal stimulation and those who have no qualms with seduction from behind. The briefs are sexy and comfortable at the same time, going a long way in debunking the comfortable is not sexy myth. Another set of sexy briefs are the leather briefs. Composed of leather and chain, this work of art exposes one side giving a visually appealing sight. The exposed hip and slight bikini area guarantee a mesmerizing sight that will have your partner drooling and the imagination running wild. The leather is shiny, accentuating the skin color beautifully and making the skin the perfect backdrop for the briefs to stand out in all glory. The latex crotchless briefs are also a great addition to the sexy briefs family. With its wet look material design, the briefs give you that shimmering crotch illusion that is bound to draw your partner to you like a moth to the flame. With its open crotch, the briefs ensure that there is nothing between you and your partner or your toy for that emergency vaginal penetration session. For the boyshorts, Necronomicox provides you with the floral lace hotpants. This pair of hotpants is designed for the ultimate demure seduction as the lace is see-through enabling your partner to see exactly what is in store. However, since the pants cover every bit of your crotch, they call for insane patience as access is very limited and can only be obtained if you are turned on enough to allow them to be removed. Paired with a lace corset, the hotpants make for one beautiful seductive outfit as they scream innocence as well as sinful seduction, making you the ultimate temptress in your bedroom. Necronomicox provides only the sexiest briefs and boyshorts for your perusal, making sure that even when you are comfortable you are on top of the sexy game.

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