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Don’t want to fuss with costumes, but still need a sexy transformation for Halloween? Or have you already found that perfect Halloween costume, but still need a costume wig to match? Or, maybe you’re planning a fun night out with the girls and just want to give yourself a sexy makeover with one of our Sexy Wigs. Whatever your reasons are, if you’re looking for a costume wig, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve easily categorized all of our costume wigs by style, length, texture, and color. So go on, be sophisticated with one of our Classic Wigs, gothic with one of our Straight Wigs, or wild with one of our Pink Wigs. Feel free to also check out our Men’s Wigs for more Halloween and costume ideas, as well as our Shoes and Accessories for more sexy items to complete your look.

Classic Wigs

Pair your Sexy 50s Costumes or Plus Size Classic Costumes with our Classic Wigs for more of a full impact. These wigs are also great for costumes in our Sexy Greek Costumes or Sexy Storybook Costumes sections.

Funky Wigs

Spice up your costume with spunk from one of our Funky Wigs. These costume wigs are perfect for with our Sexy 80s Costumes, Sexy Gothic Costumes, or Sexy Vampire Costumes. If these styles are too much for you, take a look at our Classic Wigs and Sexy Wigs instead.

Short Wigs

We’ve made it easy for you to find your perfect Costume Wig by sorting them out by length. Below are our Short Wigs. Many of these are perfect with our Sexy 20s Costumes, Sexy 70s Costumes, or Sexy Flapper Costumes. Whatever wig you choose, though, you can make it your own by pairing it with whatever costume you’d like.

Medium Wigs

Not too long and not too short, these medium-length wigs are just perfect. Many of these Medium Wigs are shoulder-length, or just a little past the shoulders. For more variety, feel free to take a look at our Short Wigs and Long Wigs as well.

Long Wigs

It’s no secret that long hair has long been associated with sexy females. So this Halloween, pair your Sexy Costume with one of our Long Wigs and be the center of attention.

Curly Wigs

The best thing about curly hair is that it can be cute or sexy. For example, you can pair our Curly Wigs with one of our Sexy Fairy Costumes or Sexy Storybook Costumes for a cuter look. Or, you can pair our Curly Wigs with one of Sexy Nurse Costumes or Sexy Vampire Costumes for a sexier look. Either way, you’re sure to entice and tease this Halloween, no matter what costume wig you end up with. For more ideas, see all of our Costume Wigs.

Straight Wigs

Straight is sexy. Below are our Straight Wigs, which you can pair with a number of Sexy Costumes – from Sexy Gothic Costumes to Sexy Renaissance Costumes to Sexy Vampire Costumes. Whatever costume you put on, there is bound to be a perfect wig to match. For more ideas, also take a look at our Curly Wigs.

Black Wigs

If you’re looking for a dark and sexy look, you’ve come to the right place. Below are our Black Wigs, perfect with any of our Sexy Gothic Costumes or Sexy Vampire Costumes. Note that while some of them are completely black, others are two-toned and include another color in addition to black. Read the individual product descriptions for the most accurate information.

Blonde Wigs

Take on a sexy California girl look with one of our Blonde Wigs, and have all the beach boys break their necks trying to catch a glimpse of you. Many of these wigs will match perfectly with one of our Sexy Cheerleader Costumes or Sexy Character Costumes. For more Classic Wigs, also take a look at our Black Wigs and Brown Wigs.

Brown Wigs

Who said blondes had to have all the fun? Brunettes can have just as much fun with one of our Brown Wigs. For more Classic Wigs, also view our Black Wigs or Blonde Wigs.

Pink Wigs

Girls just wanna have fun, so have a little fun this Halloween with one of our Pink Wigs. Display your spunk and wild side, all while still looking sexy and feminine with this girly color.

Purple Wigs

Purple is often called the color of passion, so get passionate this Halloween season with one of our Purple Wigs. Whether you’re going for that punk rocker look, that emo look, or that sexy dark look, there’s a Purple Wig that will fit your needs.

Red Wigs

Red is the color of love, so make him fall in love with you this Halloween or Valentine’s Day with one of our sexy Red Wigs. For more Valentine’s Day ideas, be sure to also view our Valentine’s Day Costumes. If you’re looking for other old colors, be sure to take a look at our Pink Wigs and Purple Wigs as well. Of, if you’re looking for more spunk, check out our Funky Wigs.

White Wigs

White hair doesn’t necessarily have to mean old age. Many of our White Wigs are sexy and trendy, and would go well with one of our Sexy Gothic Costumes or Sexy Vampire Costumes.

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