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Anal Stretchers

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Who said fitness body transformations are the only commendable achievements in the world? Welcome to the sweet world of Necronomicox booty challenge, with a twist. This booty challenge has nothing to do with the curvy visible part of your backside. The popular tagline is usually ‘that butt big’, here we marvel at the buttholes that open up wide to take up massive girth whether it is that big cock that had you weeping before or that plug you have been coveting but your ass hole limitations have been keeping you from the apple of your butt. Reasons are plenty to take up this training challenge, but if you are in it from the heart of your bottom, every mountain that stands in your way will be conquered.

Anal Stretchers

Anal sex is a source of great satisfaction and the constant positive experiences have led more and more people to be willing participants. However, the sphincter muscles are rigid and the butt opening makes it harder for some to participate as they cannot expand enough to accommodate the cock, toy or a fist. This is where anal stretching comes to the rescue. The skill level initially determines the size of the butt plug that can be used and as you progress to bigger plugs, your sphincter muscles become accustomed to stretching wider and wider.

Rule number one: start small.

There is no rush to this butt challenge. Beginners should start with the plug size that is most comfortable. Trying to force a plug will lead to undesirable consequences and serious injuries. Once the plug becomes fully immersed, take this as in stride and move to the next level.

Rule number two: keep it slimy.

Lubrication is of fundamental importance in this training process. However, chose a lubricant that is safe to use with the chosen butt plug and your body. Water based lubricants are highly recommended.

Rule number three: keep it clean.

Make sure your bowels are clean and your anus clear and make sure to clean your butt plug before and after use. Most of all, do not force your butt plug past your current comfort level.

Now that you are armed with the basic rules of the game, Necronomicox invites you to participate as we have the necessary butt plugs to facilitate your current level and to help you move closer and closer to your goal.

Anal stretching is an art form that cannot be rushed, and progress is made slowly butt surely (pun intended). Whether your dream ass hole is one that takes a big black cock, a giant dildo or a fisting of a lifetime, orgasms have to be embraced in whatever form they appear. Anal stretching allows you to fully participate in the your ultimate sexual fantasy, increasing your confidence and allowing you to finally be whoever you were always meant to be in the jungle of sexual desire. We at Necronomicox take this butt challenge seriously, and it is our pleasure to help you achieve you dream hole size. Buy anal stretchers below.

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