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Butt Plugs


Butt Plugs

So your but is primed and ready for that next racy experience – the butt plug journey. Unlike a vibrator or real penis, which is thrust or moved internally, the butt plug is a pleasure-seeking missile that is simply there for you to feel engorged or full while you engage in other sexual activities. Necronomicox have an amazing array of top of the range butt plugs all for your pleasure including diamond, steel, metal, faux tail, inflatable, round, large, penis shaped, suction cup base, jelly, silicone and glass butt plugs. You broke your anal virginity and tried our stimulating anal beads now crack open that backdoor a little more and stimulate your prostate or vaginal wall with our butt plugs. Necronomicox have butt plugs in all sizes for beginners and advanced users alike. You can even color co-ordinate your bondage toys by shopping from Necronomicox. All our butt plugs are safe and will not be lost down your sweet tunnel because they come with a handle or ring. We bring you the desire exploding inflatable butt plugs, beginners butt plugs, butt plugs with a finger loop, diamond butt plugs, glass butt plugs, jelly butt plugs, tail butt plugs among several others. The design of most butt plugs is neither gendered nor sexual oriented-specific. A few butt plugs such as the ones under the Aneros Brand are however specifically made for men – to massage the prostate. But any sexually discerning woman would love the double penetration of a butt plug and her lover’s penis. This is taking sensual pleasure to a higher level. Investing in a butt plug could have you enjoying hedonistic pleasure and screaming with orgasmic rapture. Your vagina is self-lubricating but use of plenty of lube for the backdoor play. Whether you are new to anal play or a master, foreplay is important to relax the anal muscles. Men have intense orgasms when stimulated when a butt plug is inserted two to three inches up the wall of the anus. If you have watched the film, Road Trip, then you will understand what prostate milking and its benefits are. Some men have been known to spasm with orgasmic pleasure – it is an experience every man has to have. It is a rite of passage in the annals of bondage and mind blowing sex. Necronomicox also understands that once you have sampled our glorious silent butt plugs your sphincter just wants more and this can be amply delivered by our multitudes of vibrating butt plugs. Enjoy multi-layered sensations invest in a butt plug or two. Make that morning glory something to remember. Add a butt plug into your shopping cart and find out why anal pleasure is all the rage and why it might be the only pleasure you seek. Buy butt plugs and transform your foreplay and how you map your happy ending. Anal play is now an important part of enlightened erotic repertoire and you need to have the necessary tools for it. Your finger was never enough, it still is not so get with the program and arm yourself with upwardly mobile and sensually gratifying toys. Whether you are into instant or delayed gratification you have got to make the important move to this remarkable anal fiesta. Give your anus a treat enter the butt plug movement, a sure fire sign that you have embraced the decadent pleasures of BDSM. Once you are done playing wash your butt plugs in warm soapy water, disinfect, dry and store until next time. For health and hygienic reasons we advice that you and your partner do not share but that you each have your own anal toys. Once you open the backdoor you might never want to be stimulated any other way. Unlock the door to throbbing and a multiplicity of pussy-clenching waves of hot sensations. Browse and select what tickles your fancy from our wide range of high quality butt plugs. The pleasure is all yours. That backdoor deserves world-class arousal and Necronomicox has just the butt plug for you. Face it we are all wired for anal pleasure.

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