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Feather Ticklers


Bondage and BDSM are so perfect for many couples. Something that makes this type of sexual pleasure so amazing are the games couples play together. Feather Ticklers can offer tons of stimulation. Tickle her stomach before heading to her nipples. Her hard, firm nipples will welcome the soft gentle touch of a feather or of a bunch of feathers. Take one feather and guide it down to her thighs. She’ll be wet by this point, so tease her outer lips and then up to the clit. By this time, a simple feather will sure cause her to thrust and surrender to you. Challenge yourself to make her cum with the simple touch of a feather. Get creative. Move it around. Use the edge of the feather to give her clit a firm edge to swell against. As she cums, use your fingers and the softer girth of the feather to hold her clit down. Be sure to tell her you didn’t fuck her, you feathered her. She might even be surprised to know how easy it is to make her cum so forcefully. Feathers can be an amazing part of BDSM play. Now you’ve tried a feather on her clitoris while she could thrust and move into you. Tie her up and try your new found feather tricks. She will be sure to lose all of herself with the mixed feelings and loss of self-control with bondage. She’ll think she’s about to go through torture, but instead, she gets to cum to the touch of a light tickle. Feather tickling is a beautiful way to make her cum. Feather ticklers are great for role play as well. Did you pick up a French Maid costume from Necronomicox? You’ve made yourself sexy. All you need to play this role is a sexy feather duster. Let him know you are at his service by dusting him off here and there. As you slowly drop to your knees to suck him off, take the feather duster and tickle his balls. Tickle his anus. And be sure to tickle the head of his hard cock. Once he cums, get him excited again for more of you with the gentle touch of the feather duster. The body has many erogenous zones. Take a few minutes and tickle his armpits, his sides, his nipples. Once he’s ready, climb onto him and ride his cock to your own oblivion. While you’re fucking him, use the feather duster to stimulate your nipples. He’ll be able to watch this. Move from your nipples to your clit. As you stimulate your clit with an amazing Necronomicox feather, you’ll feel his exciting thrusts as you pleasure yourself. Feather dusters are great little sex toys. They provide pleasure in so many ways. Add a feather tickler or feather duster to your collection of bedroom toys. Your incredible sex life starts here at Necronomicox. With full discretion on your orders, there is nothing to stop you. Buy bondage feather ticklers online at Necronomicox, UK's favourite ❤️sex shop. ✈️FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £50. Over ❤️5,000 5-STAR RATED sex toys. ✓ DISCREET BILLING & PACKAGING! Browse the best ticklers, spankers, whips, crops, spanking paddles and handcuffs today!

Feather Ticklers

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