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Sex Handcuffs, Rope and Tape, Collars 2

If you are new to BDSM or an extremely experienced couple, you might know there is nothing quite like restraining your lover. Restraining gives us power of our trusting lover. It gives us the joy of knowing we can please our partner without their hands getting in the way. If you have never pulled your lover hand or arm away from your as they try to touch you in return, be sure to try it out. Sometimes a lover is surprised at being told what to do and where they must place their hands instead of on you or even helping with their own pleasure. Often times, just holding their hands out of the way isn’t enough. Restraining your lover increases the tension in your bedroom bringing up the heat. With more heat, pheromones increase and we want our lovers even more. Restraining starts with trust. And building trust with your partner starts with simple acts such as an unpretentious tie down. Maybe some pleasure cuffs. Simple ropes, cotton or silicone or even chains can assist in restraining your partner. Necronomicox has leather and metal collars too. If you are at a point where you and your partner are pros at bondage, you’ll find beautiful tantalizing toys, cuffs, collars, and ties. Body harnesses or cuffs can keep your lover in one place leaving you able to touch, lick, and taste however you’d like. Our ankle cuffs come in a wide range of colours and are available for discreet billing and shipping. Necronomicox has hog ties and sexy bondage kids. Have a hard time picking just one? Be sure to add door jam cuffs so you can keep your lovers hands up and out of your way leaving their body to use to please. Spreader bars and bed restraints are a great place to start for beginners as well as for those who have experience in BDSM. Our Sex Sling will get her in the right position leaving your hands free while you put your mouth or your cock to work on her. Open yourself up with the right restraints. Open up to new experiences with your partner. And open up to the right place, the right position, and the right restraints to keep you right where your lovers needs you to be to make you cum again and again. Order today and remember we have discreet ordering and shipping. Shop for Bondage Restraints, Furry Handcuffs, Japanese BDSM Rope, Spreader Bars now!

Sex Handcuffs, Rope and Tape, Collars


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