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Sexy Pantyhose

Buy Sexy Stockings, Sexy Pantyhose, Nylon Stockings & Luxurious Tights For Women

Stockings invoke memories of the war time woman struggling to look delectable even as the world crashed around her. Food parcels were not complete without a smuggled much sought after pair. These were and are still worn with long or mid-length dresses or skirts. They come up to the top of the thigh and can be held up by a garter or garter belt or can designed to have an elastic band at the top so that they are worn as independent holdups. Because some women found these a bit fiddly one woman Ethel Boon Gant suggested to her husband Allen Gant that he attach them to a pair of panties so they could be worn as one solid item. This gave life and form to the pantyhose.  This 1951 creation was at the time called panti- legs. To this crude design Julie Newmar of Catwoman fame perfected them by adding an elastic band that accentuated the derrière. Stockings, tights and sexy hosiery have been an essential part of women’s declaration of their fashion either by choice or sometimes due to social dictates. Nylon, one of the materials used in making some of these products was initially used for surgical sutures, fishing lines or toothbrush bristles. But during the World War it was reserved for making tents and parachutes and later redeployed to the women’s hosiery industry at the end of the war. Although some people refer to sexy pantyhose as luxurious tights these are two different items of wear. The former is made from silk or a blend of nylon and other materials and is worn with or without underwear to give legs a flawless look while the later is made from thicker and usually opaque material and can be worn under a short skirt or for sports. Nylon stockings reduce chafing between the feet and shoes and the ones that incorporate the panty bit also protect against friction between the thighs.

Hosiery might be part of your office dress code but you can rededicate it towards racy after hours, activities. Make them a part of fetish or fantasy dress up games. Play the sexy and naughty schoolgirl or no nonsense maid with these items as a prominent item of seduction. Give your love life a sexually maddening shot in the arm with these products. Wear hosiery with gorgeous high heels and wield a whip and get your lover to fall in line. Make room in your bondage games for this amazing finery that shows off your legs at their best and is succulently soft and smooth to the touch. Tunnel your way into your lover’s sexual sensory nerves wear decadent and luxurious hose that sets you apart. Be the woman who holds the secret to effective dressing for the occasion. Challenge your own erotic creativity and powers of exploration put these suave items of intimate wear to steamy use. Try out the various types and textures and wear them to suit your daily activities. Deck yourself out as the irresistibly hot vixen you know you are.

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