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Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Anal Butt Plugs for Men

Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Anal Butt Plugs for Men

If you are a man and you are curious about anal pleasure or have experienced the joys of anal pleasure and want to explore more, then this guide is for you. True, as men we are a little shy when it comes to talking about Anal Pleasure but the truth is that for many people, the Anus is an exhilarating pleasure point and regardless of one’s sexual orientation, it is one experience that we believe is can be pleasant, sweet and unforgettable.

This guide will be look at a very popular class of Anal toy called Anal Butt Plugs. For those who are not familiar with the, don’t worry we shall cover them in depth.

Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Anal Butt Plugs for Men

What are Anal Butt Plugs

Anal Butt plugs are a popular item in the world of love and pleasure. Anal Butt Plugs are special toys that we have designed to be able to give pleasure by being placed inside the anus. Anal Butt Plugs are designed with pleasure in mind and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures.
At first glance, it may sound painful but we are here to ensure that the experience is not just painless, but pleasurable.

Our Anus are served with a lot of nerves that are very sensitive to stimulation. In the right environment, setting and with the right toys, these nerves can be stimulated to give rise to intense orgasmic pleasure. Anal Butt Plugs help in giving this pleasure. A lot of people are shy when it comes to talking about Anal Butt plugs, but we believe strongly that this is not necessary.

Anal Butt plugs can make your sex life to grow to new and pleasure horizons and there should be no shame surrounding their discussions. Anal Butt plugs are for any adult who is willing to explore the wonderful world of boundless pleasures and if you are interested then sit back and relax because we are going to take care of you.

One more thing, throughout this guide we shall be referring to Anal Butt plugs and other accompaniments that are found in our web store The reason is because we are sure of the quality we have in our store and so we are more comfortable and sure of recommending them.

1. Types of Anal Butt Plugs

We have a wide range of Anal Butt Plugs available in our store that are available for all types of desires. To begin with our Anal Butt Plugs Store is organized in such a lovely way that you can easily select the best suited for you.

Our Anal Butt Plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and materials so we have truly catered for all types of desires. Some of our Anal Butt Plugs are made of silicone while others are made of latex rubber, neoprene and vinyl. The reason for our choice of these materials is because they are smooth and soft and gentle to your nerves. We however know that some people are allergic to latex, so if you are we would urge you to steer clear of the latex Anal Butt Plugs.

For those of us who have wilder desires we also have metal and composite Anal Butt Plugs, and they are quite a popular item too. These we recommend for those who have already begun the journey to Anal Pleasure and are looking to explore further.

In terms of the shape, the Anal Butt Plugs come in a variety of sizes from small to large. There are some with that are tapered with a flange at the end with the intention of gently going into your Anal Canal. There are some that are blunt with a finger ring for holding. So there are a wide range of sizes. However you need not worry about which one you will choose because we are here to guide you.

2. Choosing the Butt Plug for You

There is a, as we have said, a wide range of selection for your selection pleasure. If you go to our store, you will find that we have already classified the Anal Butt Plugs in a manner that you can easily choose.

We recommend the following guide

i) Curious, Learning or Expert

When it comes to selecting the Anal Butt Plug for your enjoyment, we recommend that you first select where you are in the hierarchy because at different levels of expertise, the requirements can be varied.

If you are a beginner or are just curious, then we propose that you take matters very slowly and gently. That is why in our store we have just the Anal Butt Plugs for you. Check out In this section you will find that we have done an excellent job in looking after you. So you will be able to select a wide range of toys for your pleasure. We recommend that you start small then as you learn you walk up the ladder size-wise. We also recommend that you select a variety of shapes and types to your preference so that you have a wide range of selection.

If you are already using Anal Butt Plugs but want to explore further, then we recommend that you buy a set of butt plugs covering a wider range of sizes. Our recommendation is you visit .

For the expert, then we recommend that you go the full length and have a look at our entire collection including our star studded metal collection. Click here to see our exciting range of toys

ii) Self Pleasure or With a Partner

The beauty of Anal Butt Plugs is that we have a wide range of selections that can be used either by yourself – as part of yourself pleasuring or you can use it with your partner. We have considered all this and for self pleasure we recommend our remote controlled toys, or the finger ring toys as they may be easier to use. However keep in mind that any of our toys can be used as self pleasure/masturbation or with your partner.
If you are going to use with your partner, we recommend that you buy the toys in pairs for hygiene purposes.

iii) Material Selection

We have provided a wide range of materials from Jelly to Neoprene, Silicone, metal and latex. For beginners we recommend the softer materials like Jelly and Silicone, but as you work up the pleasure ladder we recommend that you get a more and more materials. We know some people are allergic to latex, so avoid latex if you are allergic.

iv) Lube Selection

We strongly recommend that as you choose your Anal Butt Plug, you also select the lubrication that you will use. This is because that even though the anus is a vineyard of nerves, it does lack lubricating or self-lubrication abilities and because we want to be going back time and time again, we want to ensure that nothing is damaged during our escapades. In addition, we recommend using only lubricants that are suited to the anal environment as that is a sensitive are. Luckily our store has a wide selection of lubes. So visit to select the best lubricant for you. We recommend that you read about each lubricant that you are thinking of using and also you consider that some lubes are scented so make sure that they suit your bedroom experience.

As an additional guide, we suggest that for silicone toys, you can work with water, or oil based lubricants. We don’t recommend using silicone based lubrication for silicone Anal Butt Plugs. This is because the silicone base in the lubricant may dissolve the silicone toy and alter the physical properties of the toy.

For vinyl toys, we recommend using silicone, oil or water based lubricants.
For rubber toys we recommend using either water or silicone based lubricants. We don’t recommend using the oil based lubricants as they will destroy the rubber.

v) How Long Do You Want to Wear It?

As we enter the exciting world of Anal pleasure, we often find that the time for wearing varies. Where it is likely that you will wear it for longer times, then we recommend that the end of the Anal Butt plug is comfortable.

vi) Buy Quality Anal Butt Plugs

We recommend strongly that you buy your Anal Butt Plug from This is because we care about the Anus and so our selection of Anal Butt Plugs are quality and made from stable materials that cannot cause any harm to you. So we recommend strongly that you avoid cheap toys that will affect your health.

vii) Consider other toys too

We recommend also that you look out for other toys that can be used in conjunction with the Anal Butt Plugs by visiting These help in making your experience more wholesome. We recommend you look at our relaxants and other bedroom essentials.

3. Caring For Your Anal Butt Plug

We recommend that Anal Butt Plugs should not be shared and it is often necessary to clean them well after use and to keep them clean at all times. We recommend cleaning with warm water only and that they be kept dry in a nice place.

This is the end of the guide and if there are any queries, we are here to help. Reach out to us on email

We recommend that you make your home and get this and more guides for your pleasure and also visit to just see more of our toys.

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