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3-Piece Black Rubber Anal Toy Sex Kit

Size Guide

For everyone who likes anal stimulation, the 3-Piece Black Rubber Anal Toy Sex Kit could perfectly be an exquisite pleasure  gymnasium. The anal  opening is  extremely sensitive and has various muscle layers that can benefit from training, pretty much like every other muscle in the human body. In case you would like to make your anal sexual practises more comfortable and  enjoyable, these little tools will help you achieving the muscular control and flexibility you desire. Of course, they will perform just has well if you are only looking for a little fun! 

The 3-Piece Black Rubber Anal Toy Sex Kit comes with  a 7 cm long anchor-shaped plug that will  expand from 4.1 cm (when pressed together) to 7.4 cm in width inside you, while gently stretching those muscles; a 13.5 cm long cone-shaped plug, that you can insert almost 10 cm deep; and a 12.1 cm long vibrating cone-shaped plug with a narrow head, which you can insert 8.3 cm deep. The  vibration is meant to both tease  your dear nervous endings and also to relax and wash way any muscular tightness that could be in the way of your pleasure. All of the plugs have a base for easy manipulation and the kit includes batteries for the vibrating plug.

Specifications of 3-Piece Black Rubber Anal Toy Sex Kit

Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Firm
Controller: Built In
For Who: Both
Features: Phthalate Free
Material: Skin Safe Rubber
Brand: You2Toys

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