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Spencer and Fleetwood


Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Bra for Women

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You know she has the best rack in town. And more than anything you would love to eat her clothes right off of her. This fun novelty gift from Necronomicox Bedroom Essentials collection is the perfect Multicoloured Sweet Edible Candy Bra to give to your partner to wear so you can eat her clothes off of her or to give to a friend for a little fun and laughter. This Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Bra for Women is perfect for a gag gift, a novelty gift, a shower gift for a new bride, or any groom, or a fun addition to a Bachelor or Bachelorette party. Tease and tantalize your lover while wearing this fun novelty sweet, edible candy bra from Necronomicox. Made with over 330 candy pieces, there is plenty for you to chew off. Tackle this as you would tackle another large object that you need to eat and focus on where you would like to focus first. Maybe you start near the center chewing on candy to expose her nipples. Once her nipples are exposed, maybe you can chew around the bra to other places surrounding her breasts. This is Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Bra for Women makes for a fun gift or just a fun addition to your bedroom with your partner. When your lover starts licking and nibbling on the candies around your erect nipples you are sure going to be turned on if you were not before. Tantalizing and teasing both of you, this candy bra gives you and your partner reason to have mouth to nipple contact. This is a fun novelty gift here at Necronomicox Bedroom Essentials collection. Necronomicox is happy to ship all of our novelty items as well as condoms, clothing, and sex toys to your door in a discreet package. Shop for the Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Bra for Women now!

Specifications of Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Bra for Women

For Who : Female
Features : Candy sweets
Brand : Spencer and Fleetwood
Size : One Size

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