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Skins Condoms


Skins Assorted Flavoured Lubricated Premium Condoms 12 Pack

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Skins condoms are here at Necronomicox. Skins condoms foil packages have an incredible slogan to remind us to, “Never go in without a Skin.” Skins condoms are available in different varieties here at Necronomicox. Be sure to check out our entire line of Skins condoms for the perfect fit, the perfect size, the perfect added pleasure, but also for the perfect flavor. Skins Assorted Flavoured Lubricated Premium Condoms are available in this assorted pack of 12 condoms. Skins Assorted Flavoured Lubricated Premium Condoms by Skins is available in a luscious Bubblegum, an incredibly smooth Banana, a sweet Strawberry, and a refreshing Mint flavor. Flavored condoms enhance your oral sex experience. Your partner is going to love going down on you with this flavored condom wrapped around your cock. Skins add flavors to some of their condoms for increased sensuality in oral sex. Reducing their latex smell with added lubricant and flavors improves sensuality as well as intercourse and oral sex. This assorted flavored box of Skins provides three of each incredible sweet flavor. These Skins flavored condoms are lubricated with extra flavored lubricant and also provide a reservoir tip for that incredible climax to come. In a width of 52 mm and a length of 185 mm, Skins Assorted Flavoured Lubricated Premium Condoms in this 12-pack are going to be a must have for your nightstand. Condoms are known to protect against safe sex as well as unwanted pregnancy. Be prepared each and every time you have sex. Protecting yourself as well as your partner during oral sex is just as important as it is when protecting yourself and your partner during intercourse. Wearing a condom during oral sex may be difficult, but with these incredible flavors from Skins suddenly oral sex becomes fun again. Shop for Skins Assorted Flavoured Lubricated Premium Condoms 12 Pack now!

Specifications of Skins Assorted Flavoured Lubricated Premium Condoms 

For Who : Male
Brand : Skins Condoms

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