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California Exotic


Tera Patrick Faux Fur Kitty Mask and Flogger

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Nothing speaks more of erotic authority than a man or woman wielding a whip in the bedroom! Add a sexy mask and the story of euphoric and dark sexual mysticism unfolds in a way that can only leave the playmates in glorious waves of desire. The Tera Patrick Faux Fur Kitty Mask and Flogger – a faux fur leopard lined Kitty Kat Mask and striking whip is dynamite that delivers on all fronts. It brings pleasure and ushers chic into the games room. This is a simple yet stunning play kit. This sensuality meets wild and the result, can only a hot passionate blitz. This set will add class to your repertoire of bondage adventures. This is eroticism with a flair. This is definitely that touch of sexual sophistication that your games room has been crying out for. Savour the feel of a delicately manufactured mask and the sweetly stinging lick of a professionally crafted whip. This is bondage as it was always meant to be – dark yet debonair. The Tera Patrick Faux Fur Kitty Mask and Flogger sets the tone for cutting edge must have bondage kits. This is erotic message set in stone of how enticing you want your experience and that of your partner to be. Tera Patrick Faux Fur Kitty Mask and Flogger blows the glitz and glamour of bondage right into your play space.

Specifications of the Tera Patrick Faux Fur Kitty Mask and Flogger

Length : One Size
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Brown
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Female
Brand : California Exotic
Size : One Size

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