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Spencer and Fleetwood


The Adult Colouring Book Novelty Gift

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Growing up snuffs out your positively fun side that indulges in anything that makes you happy for fear of failure or harsh criticism, especially your artistic side. Art was an activity that was open to all kids, with the coloring book being the best way to spend an afternoon. However, the activity that allowed you to exercise your imaginative powers kept being trampled upon by reality. You could no longer paint your ocean red or your skies yellow as it was not a reflection of the real world. The older you grow, the harsher the comments and your crayons and water paint got dumped in the trash. Coloring books never lose their appeal no matter how old you grow. You may not eat your crayons anymore, but you sure will paint that picture of you find yourself alone with a coloring book and crayons. Your dreams can still live, although this time around you will purposely lock the bedroom door as you color your way through the pages of The Adult Colouring Book Novelty Gift. With pages and pages of naked people in different sexual positions, you get to bring the outlines back to life by coloring the foreground and background to make the whole picture complete. With the book, your sexual imagination is aroused as you may take the positions as suggestions of what to try in your next bedroom play. Color your way to a magical land where sexual fantasies are aroused, and watch as color pops out of the book and into your bedroom.

Specifications of The Adult Colouring Book Novelty Gift

For Who : Both
Brand : Spencer and Fleetwood

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