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Wicked Sensual Care


Wicked Aqua Fragrance-Free Water-Based Sex Lubricant, 60ml

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Lubricating before play time helps the whole experience to advance without a hitch, while adding a whole lot of value to the whole experience. Sex toys are not pleasant to use without any form of lubrication, making lubricants the most fundamental accessories in the whole game. However, choosing the right lubricant can become a headache if you have no idea what your needs are. The greatest question when it comes to lubricants is their compatibility with latex products, be it condoms, gloves or suits. If you plan on having any latex involved, the Wicked Aqua Fragrance-Free Water-Based Sex Lubricant, 60ml is a great lubricant for this environmental setting. It is a feel-good lubricant and therefore means that you do not have to fret about making a mess and changing scenery during play time. The lube washes off easily, making cleanup the least of your worries and you get to indulge wholeheartedly in your debauchery. The lube is also fragrance-free, making sure your sense of smell is not assaulted by any unpleasant smells, ensuring you use the lubricant generously to cover your needs. The greatest fear when it comes to water-based lubricants is the lightness of the fluid. The Wicked Aqua Fragrance-Free Water-Based Sex Lubricant, 60ml is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, making the fluid so rich that you may actually assume it is a silicone based lubricant. Enhancing your feel-good sensation, the lube serves its purpose so well and it is also completely absorbent and leaves absolutely no residue.

Specifications of Wicked Aqua Fragrance-Free Water-Based Sex Lubricant, 60ml

Lube Type : Water Based

Condon Safe : Yes
Liquid Volume : 60mls
Colour : Clear
Features : Fragrance Free
Brand : Wicked Sensual Care
Size : 60mls

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